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Lazy Delphi Builder
AFAIK, the best build tool for Delphi. (should be used with care)
AFAIK, the best build tool for Delphi. (should be used with care)

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Released build 365. Bug fixes and 2 features:
1) added built-in environment variable $(config) that will be replaced with ‘debug’ or ‘release’, depending on the build type, during the build. Useful to use prebuilt Delphi library paths (tested with XE5 - works fine)
2) added Delphi 10.1, 10.2 support (not tested, but hope that it works)
For more details see:

Download here:

Released build 364 with updated JCL that contain several fixed on Delphi XE2+ compilation.  Did not tested, that's why marked it as Alpha. Let me know if you'll run into any trouble.

Released build 362. fixed Exception in IDE paths editor (adding new Lazy path).

Released build 360. Mostly bug fixes. Relative paths did not worked. Enormously slow update of tree is also fixed (why noone reported???).

Download here:

 Build 356 released.
Fixed critical bug /CompilerOptions command line param was parsed incorrectly.
Added support for paths relative to LazyDBP file location
Add paths to IDE Browsing, Library Search paths from Files tab in UI version.
Don't block UI during compiling.
Console version: added /noop command-line param (do not modify anything - only print text)
Other fixes and improvements.

Download here:

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Tried to build my project using fastdcc32 (delphi 2010) by Andreas Hausladen.
Build time with fastdcc: 0:1:29:060
Build time with dcc32: 0:2:40:137

Build 337 released. Contains hotfix for console version that fixes /ev cmdparam processing (it did not work in 333 build). 

I'm thinking about the lack of documentation for Lazy Delphi Builder. I mean, there's a lot ways how different tasks could accomplished, but user might have no clue about these functions.

How do you think, where should I start?

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There's one feature in my todo list - generate .bat that will call dcc32 compile all the packages/projects in correct order. But it's a little bit tricky to code.
How do you think, is it worth to implement, or it will be total time waste?
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