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Layered Reality Productions
Layered Reality Productions is a non-profit music label that focuses on Progressive, Symphonic and Avant-Garde Metal.
Layered Reality Productions is a non-profit music label that focuses on Progressive, Symphonic and Avant-Garde Metal.

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The new video for the TDW song Aphrodisia is now available on youtube!

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After giving hints and build-up through the social media channels, TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc. now unveils the pre-order for the brand new TDW album that is planned for early 2017! The following trailer explains everything:

The new album will be entitled “The Antithetic Affiliation” and will become a two disc musical experience. This album will also include a bonus DVD with the “Making of” the album, interviews about everything TDW related and live performance material from the debut performance of Dreamwalkers Inc at ProgPower Europe 2016!

To make this pre-order more interesting, a host of special merchandise has been created to accompany it. A new EP has been released entitled “The Aphrodisia EP”.

The EP features this tracklist:
1: Aphrodisia
2: Dirge
3: Anthem
4: Lovesong

Next to the aforementioned EP, a special T-shirt design has been launched to accompany the pre-order. This shirt design will only be made during this pre-order run, so get one fast or miss out!

The ProgPower gig will take place on the 29th of September at Castle de Berckt in Baarlo (NL). Attendance to this concert will be free of charge and this will be the first time that Dreamwalkers Inc will perform live. The band will then perform an acoustic set of old and new TDW material and this is proving to become a diverse show!

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@TDWmusic launches album pre-order campaign with a brand new EP and more merchandise! Check it out here:

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After a long silence since the release of 2011’s EP “Breaking The Glass Armor”, Jelmer Hertog (Unforeseen Motion’s frontman) has given us a sign of life in the form of an extensive news update. Here’s the lowdown for all of you!

“Awoken from slumber!

First up, I think I need to clarify a few things. It has been very silent regarding Unforeseen Motion in the last year. The reason for that, is that I have been working very hard on other projects (in- and outside of music) which took away a lot of my time. In that time, Unforeseen Motion hadn’t left my attention, but I just had to put it on hold even though I didn’t want to…

However, that doesn’t mean that Unforeseen Motion has died in the proces … in fact: It’s more alive than ever!

In the last couple of months, I have been working hard on a new release which is planned for early 2017. This will be Unforeseen Motions’ debut-album and writing material for this has taken up most of my time. The music on the album will be a continuation of the first EP, but with a broader scope of musical dynamics. It’s going to be both louder and more aggressive yet more subtle and melodic at the same time.

The new album will be featuring 10 songs and I can share a pre-production tracklist with all of you to give you an impression of the songtitles. (These are of course subject to change.) These titles are:

01: Inside
02: Salvatore
03: My Instrumental Revenge pt. II
04: Cry, Scream, Die, Repeat
05: Más
06: Fear (working title)
07: Soulvation
08: Reborn (working title)
09: Pursuit
10: The River

However, this album is still in the works as I just explained. So it will take some time to get everything in the shape that we want it to be.

To fill up the time until the album is there, we decided to make a new mix and master of the first EP “Breaking The Glass Armor” which we will release this year! This extended edition will also feature a BRAND NEW TRACK to top it off! And as was the case with the original release, it will become available for FREE for everyone to enjoy and share around!

More details about the EP re-release will follow in the coming weeks.

So 2016 will feature a re-release and a brand new song and we will make sure that the wait for the album will be filled up in the best way possible as we also have cool ideas for video’s and musical surprises. So I can assure you that Unforeseen Motion will get a proper reboot!

That´s all from me for now! Stay tuned!

Kind Regards,

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And to end this workweek with a bang: The full line-up for the BTL2016 tour with Mind:Soul, Hillsphere and ReSolve has now been unveiled for the public!

The list for this tour is as follows:

13-02-2016 - Saturnus, Scheveningen
26-03-2016 - A Genne Komm, Eygelshoven (w/o ReSolve)
30-04-2016 - Cult Art Shop, Nijverdal (With Bloid)
21-05-2016 - The Lane, Oostburg
11-06-2016 - PoGo, Gorinchem (w/o Hillsphere + Profuna Ocean)
24-06-2016 - P3, Purmerend

The bands will also be performing gigs besides this package, so please refer to the giglist on the Layered Reality Productions website for all of the dates and details where these bands will be performing!

And feel free to share this poster to your heart's content of course! ;)


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Yes ladies and gentleman, the day has come!

The lady and gentleman in ReSolve have now officially released their album to the public today and it is now available for order through the Layered Reality Productions webstore!

The record is entitled “Wayward Sanctuary” and it features 7 songs, which are:

1: Pitch Black Eyes
2: These Voices
3: Unchained
4: Still Breathing
5: N.P.o.a.L (Instrumental)
6: Blood Will Tell
7: December

ReSolve - Wayward Sanctuary - Album coverThe album is a musical ride through many colors ranging from full-on metal attacks such as Pitch Black Eyes, These Voices and Blood Will Tell up through the subtle progrock touches of songs like Still Breathing and Unchained and back again. Also worth mentioning is the album’s closing epic December which clocks in at 12 minutes and finishes the record in style!

Get your copy of the album today by following the link below!

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It has been a monster project in the making, but from today on, the new Mind:Soul live release “The Show That It Has Been – Alive in 2014” is now officially available for the masses!

And the best part is… IT’S FREE!

The guys in Mind:Soul decided that they wanted to share this release with the world in the most direct way possible and therefore it is now fully available on youtube for everyone to see and share!

Click the albumcover on the right or follow the link below to watch the concert in full:

The only thing the band wants from people regarding this release, is for everyone to watch it, share it and (hopefully) like it!

So if you want to support the band, post this playlist link on your timelines, social media pages, webzines or magazines to spread the word!

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With the debut-album coming up next month, ReSolve has now unleashed the music video for their song Pitch Black Eyes unto the masses! You can watch it below.

This video features the album’s opening track as well as a proper introduction to what ReSolve’s music is all about! The basic video idea was thought up by the band and this video was directed and created by Tom de Wit. (TDW, Mind:Soul)

ReSolve will take to the stage on October 10th 2015 in Musicon, The Hague, where they shall present their album to the world. This will also be the official album releasedate!

Be sure to join ReSolve on 10-10-2015 in The Hague to have a great party and to share some new music

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And with the holiday period almost behind us, ReSolve has now announced the releasedate for their album Wayward Sanctuary!

The album will be released on the 10th of October 2015! (10-10-2015)
And to celebrate this occassion, ReSolve will play a special show on that day at Musicon, Den Haag!

They will be supported by none other, then labelmates Hillsphere, who will serve as the night’s support band!

Entry costs will be €5 and the people who will visit this show will be able to get the album for a special price at the venue itself!

The facebook event can be found here:

Hope to see you all there!
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