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The best way to carry out extensive testing processes on your game application is by entrusting the job to a company that specializes in game qa testing services. This will cut down delivery time, reduce costs and give you a quality game application that will satisfy gamers and enhance your brand name.
Testing game applications is a process that takes up a lot of time and effort. As a game application development company, you need to deliver the exciting applications in the shortest possible time. You can do this by having the game software testing process done by a company providing specialized game qa testing services. This will enable you to cut down on delivery time and also gain high performance applications that live up to gamers’ expectations.
Companies that carry out game testing make use of extensive testing procedures which detect problems or bugs so that it can be fixed immediately. They perform various types of advanced testing procedures to find out performance issues. A company offering high quality game qa testing services does different types of testing such as functional testing, compatibility testing, usability testing, network testing and much more. The entire testing process is carried out by testing experts so you can be sure of getting the best results by using their services.
When you bring out a new game application you expect it to become popular instantly. You want gamers to prefer playing it over other games applications in the market. You can gain such an edge in the market only if you deliver high quality game applications that give the best gaming experience. In order to gain such high levels of performance from your game application, it is essential to outsource game testing processes to experts in the field.  They are aware of the latest methods for game software testing. They can carry out extensive testing in the shortest possible time and bring to your notice even small performance so that they can be quickly corrected.
Outsourcing game testing is very cost effective option because their service rates are very affordable. You will find enormous cost cutting benefits because there is no need to hire an in-house testing team. An in-house team would require you to spend time in hiring, provide testing equipment, employee management, employee payment. etc. All these activities and their associated costs can be avoided by outsourcing. The time to deliver is reduced because the testing company deliver results faster as they specialize in it and also because testing staff are available 24 hours of the day to manage such requirements. When you decide to outsource game QA, you will find more time to concentrate on your core business activities which will enable you to get develop ingenious game applications through which your brand can capture a lead in the game market.
When you outsource game QA activities to a testing company, your company can cut down costs associated with testing. Their expert testing staff will immediately find out if there is any problem in the application so that it can be quickly fixed. This enables you to provide customers with high performance game applications through which they can enjoy an enriching gaming experience.
If you are seeking high quality and advanced testing services . Please Contact
Mob :   +91 020 65294197  |  +91 9822876296
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Laxmikant Thipse

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Laxmikant Thipse

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Cool game!

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Ready for next GDC and GDC Europe...

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We are attending GDC & GameConnections at San Francisco. We have last few meeting slots remaining for contact points with requirement of Game QA Service.

For scheduling a meeting please mail to

Last week, we listed a bunch of not-to-be-missed Game Developers Conference sessions. Hopefully that little list will help out some of you still planning your schedule for what's sure to be anothe...

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Lots of discussions can be done when the topic of software testing in various applications are thrown on the table. Experts will have their opinions on giving proper testing guidelines to the software development process. Mostly in the world of website creation and development, software testing is applied because the web pages need to run on the systems, get loaded, viewed when clicked and the different parameters are to be reflected properly. Such a predicament seems to be resilient when game QA testing services are put in perspective.
Game QA testing, degree of its importance
In development of games and gaming consoles for being played in mobile phones, computers, play stations or any other hand held device, people should be able to have a hassle free smooth flow of steps in the game. The designing of the game is done in such a way that there will be different steps which have to be passed, finally reaching the last step. It is like scoring and winning and not scoring and losing. Designing part is not very complicated with gaming applications, although QA testing services can be of importance to some extent.
• Smoothening features with QA testing
Most of the game developers are nowadays putting the QA testing services into the field, to become competitive in the market. Since games and application development have become the standard requirements for every operating system, people seek a game for their handheld devices. They can either download these games or get these from the online stores and run them on their respective operating systems. To be able to run on different systems, the games are designed as per the platforms. But, the QA testing services are done to ensure that these games are running properly in the respective platforms. Hence, companies hire game QA testing services to check the compatibility after it has passed the stage of development.
• Localisation services for best results across gadgets and platforms
Although, in house development testing processes are being done by the companies, it has been seen that the second and final stages of testing requires intensive work. Sometimes, third party developers are brought into work, to fine tune any bugs and defects in the system. For this purpose, the latest terminologies in the QA testing services are known as localization services.
Most of the game developers and designers are concerned about the running of their particular games in different set ups of platforms and screen sizes. Localization services are run by them, so that testers play the games across different platforms, gadgets, screen sizes and ensure that these gadgets are having compatible expressions of all the scripts. General text testing is primarily done in these cases, so that game QA testing services are covered across a wide range of devices. Moreover, localization services are not quite difficult and technically demanding, due to which these are usually outsourced and avid players are brought to check compatibility issues.
With all the processes going into the field of game development, the QA testing services are gaining the most attention. There are issues of having these programs tested or not and if tested, the various parameters which should be changed. But still, game developers are not taking any chances and giving their best shot at QA testing services in order to be at the top of the competitive gaming application market.
To know more about Game QA Testing Services, Please visit at :
Mob : +91 020 65294197 | +91 9822876296
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Let the game begin....

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Best industry events at beautiful San Francisco

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We are attending GDC-12. Last few meeting slots left. Looking for contact points with interest in Game QA service provider.

Please mail to to know more.

Game QA Testing on PC, MAC, Web, iOS, Android
  • GameCloud Technologies Private Limited
    CEO, 2010 - present
    Managing all aspects of QA Testing services of GameCloud on various platforms including PC, MAC, iOS, Android and Windows devices. Also, handling Tech Support/Customer Support Services of GameCloud for Online/Facebook Games/MMOs. QC Audits of Mobile Games. Planned, implemented and maintained a Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008 - TUV Austria) of GameCloud Technologies Private Limited. Currently involved in QA Testing of Android consoles, testing of new gaming technologies and game controllers.
Basic Information
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GameCloud Technologies Private Limited - Game QA Testing Services Provider
GameCloud is rapidly growing global provider of outsourced services to the games and interactive entertainment industries. The company provides complete Game BPO, QA Testing and Localization services for all PC, Online, Handheld and Mobile(iOS/Android) content, to many of the biggest names in games and interactive entertainment, working on hundreds of titles. GameCloud is an authorized QA testing partner for leading Game publishers & developers. I would like to highlight few of the important points about GameCloud which are as follows:-
1. GameCloud is ISO 9001:2008 organization with Quality Management System that is exclusively designed implemented for Game QA Testing.
2. According to external auditors, GameCloud has 97.5% Customer Satisfaction Index. Average customer rates our QA service with 4.5 out of 5 stars.
3. Always open for pilot projects. Never failed any of the pilots/trials taken by clients.
4. We can immediately arrange 70 workstations with Windows/Linux PC, MAC, Mobile(iOS/Android) Devices.
5. We can arrange a dedicated QA team of any size even on short notice.
6. Professional bug-reporting with 100% accuracy.
7. Excellent track record of following the deadlines and 24/7 customer support.
8. Serving Global Top 20 Gaming Biz as QA vendor.
9. Tested over 350 games and portals for bug free release, starting from casual games, mobile games to MMOGs.
10. Returning clients from over 12 countries. And our customer base is still growing.
11. Extremely aggressive rates and unmatched proposals.
12. Trustworthy QA partner recommended by reputed international clients on LinkedIn (profile id – lbthipse)
13. Excellent update and experience of latest gaming technologies & platforms.
14. QA partner of iN-Motion Game Jam for testing the motion gaming technologies(Kinect) for end-users with special needs.
Bragging rights
Game QA Testing services on most platforms including iOS and Android based devices, PC, MAC, Web. Testing latest controllers on various platforms.
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