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Lawyer Website Design & SEO - Since 2003.
Lawyer Website Design & SEO - Since 2003.


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5 Cutting Edge Content Marketing Tips

1. Use BuzzFeed Style Headlines
2. New Paid Content Opportunities
3. Write ONLY In-Depth, 1500+ Word Blog Posts
4. Design is More Important that Content (not sure I agree as content drives traffic)
5. Use Outreach to Get Results

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New Google Ranking Factor for 2013 - Human Engagement?
As Google incorporates more end user signals and data, the safest way to have a natural footprint is to forget shortcuts. Always consider your target audience and focus on creating great content that people will naturally want to share and link to.

We use at (800) 877-2776.

My you green eyes - these moments are the only gifts we need.

Applied to participate in a program called Google Engage for Agencies.

Be sure to pick up your phone within the first two rings. Attorneys have found this one technique has resulted in a 15% increase in conversions.

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Why Social Media FINALLY Works!
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