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Ugandan fuel prices might cross 4k soon 😐 we need to start mining that oil đŸ˜ŁđŸ˜„
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An anime guide from me just for the anime junkies out there. Check it out!
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Hi Verena and Don,

Sorry I've been quite away, had a lot of work and was a bit busy with GenOpen. How is it so far? Been a while since I got some news from the Mooc. Hope everything is ok. Thanks.

Oopsy, had skipped this community. Great to finally land home! GenOpen is the future....

Loving the intros and ideas

Name: Lawrence Kisuuki.
Location: Uganda, East Africa
Mozilla Rep, Webmaker,
Learning or Objective: Teach others, organize, share resources, global education and collaboration as well as an always up to date curriculum....keeping with the world trend to help equip students for the ever changing world ahead :)

Sorry I missed out on the meeting earlier Don and Verena, had a few technical difficulties. Hope to hear what you came up with.

Had a few ideas:
-Timezone: could help, converts and synchronizes events
-We could talk to some of the people in schools and get word out there so as to get high school students joining the community
-Or Small fliers, emails, social media, posters can do.....
-Also we can use google docs, irc and wikis for collaboration and documentation
-We need a few standards, goals or basis to start by or even 1
-Oh and by the way, will the students be awarded with certificates or badges for outstanding participation, they could grow like a community and even become mentors themselves.

Let me know what you think.

I personally hope to see the HS MOOC setup.
To see a seamless interaction and collaboration of high school students, a digital learning platform, equipping students with the necessary schools to build and survive in the this ever evolving world.
I don't want to write too much, might spam the group.

Worldly, It would be amazing if High Schools all over the world could work together, share information and knowledge. If students could share ideas and  the teachers or moderators can help them actually make them reality, through the power of the internet I think the physical barriers would nolonger be an issue, there would now be a new Global education system that many many people are apart of with great results.

So any more ideas on making this better and helping would be great as well. Hoping to learn and share a lot.

Those are only my goals I would love to see, please correct me anywhere I stray.

Introducing ourselves :)

Thanks for adding me to this amazing effort. So some of the following questions and decided to answer on hear.

"What does an open collaborative online project created for High School students look like?"
This is very similar to what Emma is setting up, except based on high school. If I were to give all my views I would create a really huge doc, but to sum it all up I think the ability for different high school students and maybe even teachers being empowered to work together on projects through the web as a platform, to share notes, study together and even maybe discuss is just plain amazing.

What do High school students need to learn in 2013?
Well a lot of things have changed in this Century and sadly the education system worldwide takes long to adjust. I hope this can envision the flexibility to enable learning of trending needs.

How can high school diversify students' human capital?
Didn't understand this one properly, would someone care to help me elaborate a bit.

PS: May not be able to attend the meeting, time zone and a very tight week schedule but will follow up on the proceedings.

Thanks, looking forward to discuss further.
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