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Determining a parent’s responsibility for child support is not always as straightforward as it might initially seem.
When parties divorce, the goal often is to provide their children with the same standard of living that they would have enjoyed had the couple stayed together. Therefore, if your children have been attending private school up until you and your spouse decide to divorce, a California divorce court may order you to continue paying …
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Mr Davis is so is so amazing he is so articulate with his with his words I'm very confident he will get my son back have gotten unmounted visit and there has been tremendous progress .
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Child support is completely different from spousal support in terms of tax implications.
If you receive spousal support, you must claim the amounts of support that you receive each year as income on your federal and state income tax returns. Likewise, if you pay spousal support, the amount of support that you pay annually is tax-deductible on your federal and state income tax returns. If you pay less …
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Questions regarding emancipation and child support? We have your answers!
When a child emancipates for the purposes of child support under California law, any child support obligation of either of the child’s parents automatically terminates. What does not terminate, however, is the obligation to pay any back support that is still owed by the parent at the time of emancipation. This also means that if …
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While it can be scary to contemplate walking into a courtroom, you have nothing to fear.
Most divorces require at least one court hearing before they are finalized. While it can be scary to contemplate walking into a courtroom, you have nothing to fear. However, you should take a few steps in order to ensure that you are adequately prepared for your hearing. First, while California Family Courts are less formal …
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Even if you don’t want to get divorced, your spouse has the legal right to ask the court to grant a divorce.
Either spouse has the right to seek a divorce from the other spouse. Typically, one spouse asks the court for the divorce by filing the appropriate paperwork with the clerk’s office. A copy of the dissolution or divorce petition and summons is served on you once your spouse has completed and filed the paperwork. This …
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18 years of age is fairly typical, however, there are some factors that can extend or shorten how long you pay child support.
The duty of a parent to pay child support under California law generally ceases when the child turns the age of 18. However, if the child turns 18, but is unmarried, a full-time high school student, and is not self-supporting, a parent’s child support obligation remains in place until the child turns 19 or completes …
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It is not necessary for you to file for divorce before you can get a court order that requires your spouse to pay child support for your children.
It is not necessary for you to file for divorce before you can get a court order that requires your spouse to pay child support for your children. While some people ask for a child support order in the context of a divorce case, others may not be ready to file for divorce. Nonetheless, a …
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Leave your torn jeans, pajama pants, and flip flops at home!
While there are some general rules of courtesy and respect that all individuals should follow when they enter a courtroom, there are also some more specific guidelines that you should follow if you are involved in a court hearing that concerns divorce or another family law matter. Since divorces and family law cases tend to …
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There is no magic age at which a child can suddenly decide where he or she should live.
In determining custody and parenting time orders for a child, California courts are required to consider what arrangements would be in the best interest of the child. One of the factors that the court must look at when deciding upon the best visitation plan is the preferences of the child, if the child is of …
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Anything that you post online or in a social media forum is subject to scrutiny by your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, your attorney, your ex’s attorney, and even the judge.
For many people, Facebook is a place to rant and complain to your friends about something that has gone wrong in your life or something with which you disagree. Instagram might be the place where you post photos of your latest vacation, your newly purchased vehicle, or your new girlfriend. When you are in the …
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The keyword is temporary.
The purpose behind spousal support is to provide temporary support to one spouse until he or she can become self-supporting. California law does not anticipate a spousal support order being permanent, particularly in a marriage that lasts for less than ten years. Likewise, even if the marriage lasted ten years or longer, the spouse receiving …
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Keep in mind, guardianship is not the same as adoption.
A guardianship occurs when a court issues an order that places a child in the custody of someone other than his or her parent, and/or places responsibility for the child’s estate with someone other than a parent. Typically, a guardianship occurs through a California probate court because the child is living with someone who is …
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Priscilla C's profile photo
Priscilla C
2 months ago
I regard the Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates as both highly professional and extremely competent Attorneys at Law. Vincent W. Davis & Associates has represented me in the past and represents my interests in a current case. This is not legal advice. Also, I will not answer requests for advice. This is just my opinion, and my personal experience and the following is my honest review of Vincent W. Davis & Associates: I was confused, overwhelmed and frustrated before contacting Vincent W. Davis & Associates. I came under attack from social services and was the victim of false reporting and false allegations. But I keep good records and write everything down including conversations with social services employees (including times & dates) so I know what happened on a particular date, or what to do and what kind of Doctor to see if a problem arises. This was key to helping my attorneys fight for me! After being angry about false reporting by social services employees, and being emotionally and physically exhausted, from having to fight this crap, and total waste of tax-payer dollars, and putting in all the stressful work I had to do, I was relieved and pleasantly surprised with the level of professionalism that Vincent Davis, Stephanie Davis, Daniel Sharpe and the other stellar staff provided me -- they just got it! We were victorious in the courtroom! It also must be mentioned, that it probably helped in my case to have a apparently well-rested, thoughtful, and very Honorable Judge whom was receptive to my attorney's logical presentation of facts! Much thanks for everyone's efforts in the past and ongoing work in my case!! Best Regards, Priscilla C.
• • •
Renita A's profile photo
Renita A
6 months ago
I hired Mr Davis to help with some custody issues I was having. I knew right away that he was the right attorney to handle my situation. He was hired immediately. He did everything in his power to make sure that my children were in the best hands possible. His compassion is incomparable to anything you see these days. Its almost as if he were fighting for his own children. After being afraid and completely unsure of the future of my family for so long. Mr. Davis quieted those fears and gave me the confidence and insight to fight for what was right, for the life we deserved. He seems to understand every part of what we were going through, and worked tirelessly for us. He is both, competent and compassionate. Something you will see the moment you meet him. I recommend him and his team to any, and everyone. I felt like I was put in the best hands possible, once Vince Davis was on my side.
• • •
TrueAzul Azul's profile photo
TrueAzul Azul
6 months ago
I hired Mr. Davis to help me fight some false allegations made against me by Social Services and Licensing. Little did I know my case would go all the way to the State of California. Mr.Davis did not hesitate in proving my innocence. He supported me and made sure we took the necessary steps to fight back and clear my name. In a big trial against the State of California Mr. Davis proved what a excellent and skilled lawyer he truly is and we won. He showed no fear throughout the whole process. He was positive and reassured me constantly not to lose hope. His dedication and his constant encouragement got me through the most trying months of my life. I would recommend him to anyone. Going to Vincent Davis and Associates you receive that one on one attention you deserve.And when you leave you always feel like you are apart of the Vincent Davis Family.
• • •
Rachelle DeLay's profile photo
Rachelle DeLay
6 months ago
Attorney Vince Davis represented me in a 5 day hearing at Family Law court. All I can say is he was superb. He is caring, patient, and understanding. It is obvious he is an excellent trial attorney. He was head and shoulders above the other attorney on the case. Even the judge and the court reporter complimented him on his skills. I highly recommend this attorney.
Anna-Stasia Price's profile photo
Anna-Stasia Price
4 months ago
I hired Mr Davis to represent me in a cps case against my daughter. the social worker had a nasty attitude and she kept lying to me about the proceedings and the process so I decided it was best to get a lawyer. yes he is pricey yes the attorneys are busy but you get what you pay for. the cheap comes out expensive in the end. his prices are fair considering the amount of work and research they(the associates) do. they make you feel like family and not a bonus check. I liked Mr Davis so much I hired him again. he doesn't make false promises, he does what he says he's going to do. If he doesn't think the goal is attainable he won't lie to you and say it is just to get your money. I love this firm, everyone is like family.
• • •
misty ace's profile photo
misty ace
6 months ago
Vincent Davis helped in my Juvenile Dependency case and believed in me from the very beginning. Now, way sooner than predicted, I am back in my home with my son and fiance and able to be a mother before I missed out on too much. I was looking at not being in the home with him until he was at least a year old, but I was back by the time he was a little over six months. I also have recommended him to numerous friends in my program going through juvenile dependency cases and a couple other people with civil or family law matters. They also hired him and are very pleased. In this short time he was able to help and close at least three other cases with people that I know personally. I will also continue to recommend Mr. Davis to anybody that I know that needs help in just about any legal manner because I can guarantee with his knowledge, experience, and compassion Mr. Davis has he will be able to guide anyone in the direction they need to win. I also wanted to mention that Mr. Davis seems like a celebrity at the court house, everyone seems to know and respect him on all sides. There has never been a question that he has been unable to answer for me, even ones that didn't pertain just to my case. I will always be grateful for everything that he has done for me and my family.
• • •
Ashley Sheldon's profile photo
Ashley Sheldon
6 months ago
"Attorney Vince Davis represented me in a 5 day hearing at Family Law court. All I can say is he was superb. He is caring, patient, and understanding. It is obvious he is an excellent trial attorney. He was head and shoulders above the other attorney on the case. Even the judge and the court reporter complimented him on his skills. I highly recommend this attorney."
Paige Johnson's profile photo
Paige Johnson
6 months ago
This is a great law firm with tons of experience!. I attended a couple of Mr. Davis's seminars and then decided that I need experienced attorneys to fight through the lies and corruption that is employed by the DCFS. When they are this evil and corrupt, you need a experienced law firm. Attorney Stephanie Davis has helped me tremendously! She has been an infallible asset for me and my family. I cant imagine going threw this without a voice that speaks for you and your family. I have come across a department that makes up its own rules and guidelines and throws false accusations around like a basketball. I cant imagine what would have happened without the help of this law firm. I thank you, my family thanks you!
• • •