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Understanding California Business Guidelines - Part 1

Sole Proprietorship
The sole proprietorship, with a single owner, is the simplest form of business enterprise. The owner has total control over the management of the business.

The proprietor must comply with all applicable permit and licensing requirements required under local, state, and federal laws. A proprietorship terminates upon the death or withdrawal of the proprietor or upon the sale of the assets.

Additionally, a proprietor is personally liable on all the contracts of the enterprise and is responsible for all of the debts and obligations of the business from his or her own personal assets. Use of a proprietorship is not generally recommended absent sufficient insurance and business activities that are highly unlikely to result in personal liability to the proprietor.

Call Lisa Wills, Law Offices of Lisa Wills, for more information about your business at (925) 463-9000.
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Record Keeping Tips for Corporations and LLCs

It is extremely important to keep accurate and current business records of your corporation or limited liability company (LLC) activities. California statutes require business entities such as LLCS and corporations to create, keep and maintain particular types of documents. Categories of the type of records that must be kept by these entities include but are not limited to:

1) Formation documents including Articles of Incorporation (for corporations) or Articles of Organization (for LLCs)

2) Operating documents consisting of Bylaws (corporations) or Operating Agreements (LLCs)

Call Lisa WIlls, Law Offices of Lisa WIlls at (925) 463-9000 for guidance with your recordkeeping, documents and agreements for your business,

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Buying or selling real estate can be a complicated process. People often think that their real estate agent is as experienced as an attorney regarding the legalities and details of real estate transactions. While real estate agents and brokers are aware of the paperwork involved in a transaction, they do not know the intricacies of the law. Only an experienced real estate attorney can help you understand your rights and avoid costly litigation. Real estate buyers and sellers can save money by obtaining the guidance of a well-qualified attorney before there is a problem.

Engaging a real estate attorney for a real estate sale can help to save thousands of dollars when a buyer is identified who wants to buy the property. This type of transaction is called a “FISBO” or “for sale by owner.” In this situation, when the seller hires a real estate attorney they can save the 3% to 6% commission on the sale price when there are no real estate agents representing the seller and buyer. This savings can translate into a lower sale price for the buyer and help the seller gets the real sale price they want.

It is crucial that the seller and the buyer should each have their own attorney to represent their interests in the deal. An attorney cannot represent both a buyer and a seller without a significant conflict of interest.

Call Lisa Wills. Law Offices of Lisa Wills at (925) 463-9000 to help with your real estate transaction..


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Disclosure Obligations for Residential Home Sellers

When to Give the Buyer the Property Disclosures

It is suggested that the seller give the buyer the required disclosures as soon as possible to allow the buyer to investigate further and decide if they want to purchase the property. A transaction may go more smoothly if the seller has all of the disclosures and other seller paperwork completed prior to listing the property so the information can be given to a serious potential purchaser when an offer to purchase is made.

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Lisa Wills of the Law Offices of Lisa D. Wills is a knowledgeable real estate attorney in Pleasanton, California helping educate real estate buyers and sellers so they can successfully close their real estate transactionFor assistance with your real estate deal, call Lisa Wills at (925) 463-9000.

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Landlords and Tenants-- Protecting your interests

Are you a landlord interested in having a Lease to protect your investment for a large apartment complex you purchased? Are you a business owner interested in renting a large commercial space in order to expand your company?

We strongly believe that our experience representing both landlords and tenants gives us the ability to quickly assess the situation and determine an efficient approach customized to suit your pocket book and to meet your goals. Our experience has taught us that the first step to writing, reviewing or negotiating a lease is getting to know who we are representing. You will have the opportunity to talk with us about your goals. With this information, we will make certain that the lease agreement you enter into is aligned with your goals.
You can Benefit from our Experience

Call Lisa Wills, Law Offices of Lisa Wills, at (925) 463-9000 to get answers to your leasing questions. #PleasantonRealEstateAttorney #SanRamonRealEstateAttorney #DanvilleRealEstateAttorney #DublinRealEstateLaw #LivermoreLandlordAttorney

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What is an “As-Is” Real Estate Sale?

An “as is” sale generally means that the buyer accepts the property in the condition that is visible and observable to the buyer. Sellers of real estate frequently attempt to avoid having to pay for property related repairs by selling the property to the buyer “as is.” This term is not well-defined by law.

Hire an Attorney to Protect Your Interests in the Process
A knowledgeable real estate attorney can advise you on real estate matters including understanding the terms of the purchase and sale agreement, negotiation of the transaction, what to disclose about your property, and many more real estate related issues.

Lisa Wills of the Law Offices of Lisa D. Wills is a skilled real estate attorney in Pleasanton, California educating real estate buyers and sellers so they can successfully close their real estate transaction and protect themselves. Call Lisa Wills at (925) 463-9000 for solid legal advice for your real estate deal.

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Evaluating a Purchase of Rental Property

Estimated Costs for Purchasing Property
Items that you want to consider in evaluating income or rental property to purchase include:

1) Loan amount and terms (fixed or adjustable, loan length, monthly payment amount, points)

2) The amount of the deposit and down payment

3) Closing costs (appraisal, inspections, title insurance etc.)

4) The price of any improvement work you need/want to do

For more key tips in evaluating the purchase of rental property call Lisa Wills of Lisa Wills Law Offices at (925) 463-9000.

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Landlords: Steps to Help Protect Yourself and Your Property
Credit Checks and Employment Verification
Once a tenant passes the preliminary screening, then it is recommended that you conduct credit checks and employment verification. Keep copies for your file of your investigation for both accepted and rejected tenants.

We can help you protect yourself and your property. Call us at (925) 463-9000 to speak with
Lisa Wills of the Law Offices of Lisa D. Wills

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Landlords: 5 Tips when Tenants Don’t Pay Rent (Part 4)

4. How to Get your Property Back

An Unlawful Detainer or eviction action is a shortened court action that allows the landlord to move more quickly through the legal process than in a traditional civil action the goal... of the action is to regain possession of the premises so the landlord can rent it to new tenants. The longer the tenant stays in possession of your property without paying rent, the longer it will be until you are able to get possession of the property and get new tenants in who will (hopefully) pay rent on time.

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Call Lisa Wills at the Law Offices of Lisa D. Wills at (925) 463-9000 for information about your legal rights as a landlord.
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Landlords: 5 Tips When Tenants Do Not Pay Rent (Part 3)

3. Be Firm: Rent should be Paid on Time

I strongly urge all landlords to require the tenant to pay rent on time. If the tenant does not pay rent on time, the landlord has the ability to serve the tenant with a 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit. This notice warns the tenant that rent must be paid within 3 days after the notice is served on them or the landlord is going to file an action with the court to have the tenant evicted. This type of lawsuit is also called an Unlawful Detainer.

It is extremely important for the landlord to have this type of notice served as soon as the tenant is in default of payment of rent because it starts the clock ticking. If the tenant does not comply with the notice, then the landlord should move quickly to have an attorney file an eviction action.

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Lisa Wills of the Law Offices of Lisa D. Wills is a skilled Landlord attorney in Pleasanton, San Ramon, Livermore and Danville California helping Commercial and Residential Landlords protect themselves and their properties. Call Lisa Wills, Law Offices of Lisa Wills at (925) 463-9000.

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