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Attorney You Can Count On

When you are arrested, you have questions, especially if you have never been in trouble before.  Joshua Kaizuka is a Sacramento Lawyer who has the experience to answer your questions.  Josh has helped thousands navigate the very complex and overwhelming process of defending against criminal charges.  Josh not only continues to take seminars relating to Criminal and DUI law, but has successfully completed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing student course.  He has defended clients in various types of criminal cases.

Whether you need a lawyer familiar with the “lay of the land” in Sacramento, El Dorado, Yolo, Placer or other Northern California counties, you can rely on our experience in cases such as, 

  • Assault/battery
  • Burglary

  • Cleaning up criminal records

  • Criminal cases involving mental health issues

  • Domestic Violence

  • DMV administrative hearings

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)

  • Drug offenses including personal possession as well as possession for sales

  • Homicides including vehicular, attempted, and murder

  • Sex offenses

  • Strike cases – violent and serious offenses

  • Theft offenses ranging from petty theft to embezzlement

Joshua Kaizuka knows what can work in the courts to help you.


Expert Legal Counsel

In many cases, time is of the essence.  Sometimes it is to preserve the status quo, meaning the ability to drive after a DUI arrest, pre-filing investigations to try and prevent a criminal filing, and getting you in contact with a bail bond company to keep or get someone out of jail.  The ultimate goal is to turn over the rocks and look over every aspect of each case to find and determine the best defense for a dismissal, preventing a filing of a criminal complaint, negotiating the best result, filing dismissal motions, or fighting the fight and going to jury trial.  Joshua Kaizuka stay up to date on new law and a member of the California Public Defenders Association, California DUI Lawyers Association, and California Attorneys for Criminal Justice.  Josh does the legal research, keeps in contact with you, return your phone calls, and meets with you to discuss every aspect of your case!

Don’t Waste Time…Call For a Free Confidential Initial Consultation!

 If you, a family member, or friend is in trouble, call for a free consultation at 916.706.0678  or email us at to let me do the worrying and help answer questions you have.  Mr. Kaizuka will respond!

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A video about the Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program from the California Courts
2530 J Street #320, Sacramento, California 95816
Arrested for a DUI?  What is Next?

Making some calls to experienced DUI attorneys is important.  Within a few days, you will get flooded with what we in the industry label "jail mail."  It is basically mail from attorneys and others who subscribe to a service to get arrest information.  Of course many of you will likely start  investigating what you should do.  There are time lines involved in a DUI case relating to alcohol.  While time limit is 10 days from when your license was taken and you were served a pink temporary license (DS 367), the most important decision you need to make is whether to hire an attorney or not.  Experienced DUI attorneys will know the best time to call DMV to set a hearing, subpoena the right things, and deal with the court case if a case is filed.  The attorney should be able to advise of the worst case scenario as well as what can be done based on the police reports or any other things including video from the patrol car.

Getting you on the road with a license is also something that an experienced DUI can help with as well as any questions you may have months or years after the case is resolved.

We at the Law Offices of Kaizuka & Valcarenghi strive to help and guide in all aspects of driving under the influence (DUI) cases in the Sacramento area.

Call us for an initial free consultation at 916-706-0678.
New 2014 California Traffic Laws!

Two in particular will affect a lot of California drivers:
Bicycles: Passing Distance. AB 1371 (Bradford), known as the Three Feet for Safety Act, will require a motor vehicle driver passing a bicycle that is proceeding in the same direction to pass with no less than 3 feet between any part of the vehicle and any part of the bicycle or driver. When three feet is not possible, the motor vehicle must slow to a reasonable and prudent speed and only pass when no danger is present to the bicyclist. Failing to do so can incur a fine, regardless of a collision or not. This law will take effect September 16, 2014.

Teen Drivers. SB 194 (Galgiani) will prohibit a person who is under 18 years of age from using an electronic wireless communications device to write, send, or read a text–based communication while driving, even if it is equipped with a hands–free device.

See for DMV's Release dated December 23, 2013
With 2014 just around the corner, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is reminding motorists of some of the new laws that will become effective in the new year.
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The national imprisonment rate declined 1 percent while violent and property crime rates fell 1 percent and 5 percent, respectively, from 2013 to 2014, according to statistics released in September by the U.S. Department of Justice. From 2009 to 2014, the nation’s imprisonment rate fell 7 percent and the total crime rate declined 15 percent.
Major reform for one of the most idiosyncratic -- and toughest -- bar exams in the nation.
At the Law Office of Joshua Kaizuka, the focus is criminal defense including driving under the influence (DUI), assault, drug, theft, gang, as well as serious and violent felonies.  Many of Mr. Kaizuka's clients are first time offenders who have not only questions, but guidance on navigating a complex situation, especially individuals with professional and board licenses.  Attorney Joshua Kaizuka is familiar with the practices of the counties he works in.  Counties served are Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, El Dorado, and Solano.

What is typical in one county is not the same as in another county.  In fact, even within one county, things can be different depending on which judge and/or district attorney is handling the case.

Mr. Kaizuka is a member of the California DUI Lawyers Association, California Public Defenders Association, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Asian/Pacific Bar Association of Sacramento (ABAS), ABAS Law Foundation, and the Florin JACL.
Arrested for a DUI?
One of the most important things is to make sure that you do not let 10 days go by without making the decision on whether to hire an experienced DUI attorney or not.

If the arrest was alcohol related and your driver's license was taken away and you were served a pink temporary license, not only will your privilege to drive be suspended 30 days after being arrested, but you will lose the ability to obtain the ability to challenge a DMV administrative suspension which is separate from a suspension due to a conviction.

Attorneys who now what they are doing can set a hearing to challenge the automatic suspension of driving privileges, but also obtain evidence to not only evaluate defenses, but also slow down the process to help get you back on the road at the earliest possible date depending on the circumstances.

Mr. Kaizuka offers free initial consultations so call if you have questions!
So you have some type of State Board License and You were arrested!

Regardless of if it is a teaching credential, doctors, nursing type, real estate, pharmacy, gaming,  or any other type of license, being arrested alone can result in consequences even if charges are never filed.  For some licensing boards, just the fact that an individual was arrested can trigger some type of action.  In others, how the case resolves makes a difference.  Where it can make a difference, it is important to take proactive steps. 

Feel free to call.  Initial consultations are free!
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Third Floor - corner of 26th and J Streets.  Free parking for 2 hours on 26th Street.