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Live from the inside out.
Live from the inside out.

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"The root of our perceived "failures" may be hiding in the wings of self-compassion and forgiveness." 

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When I’m asked if I’m able to love more than one person… the answer is of course. by @heylaurynbee

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"More painful it is — and more confronting it would be — to sit and be with what I mistake for myself than to keep running."

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A powerful discussion in the name of standing for what you believe in an ethical way.
In one of my more recent posts, I share that we hold the responsibility of impact.
What I mean by that is our actions don't go unrewarded, even when we're by ourselves. We and/or others are always impacted by who we are, what we say, and how we act.
Thus, it's important to embody right speech.
Right doesn't mean the right opinion. It doesn't mean the right words or the right social outlet, although those things can help, too.
It's about embodying your truth beyond anger, fear, trauma, and projection.
Your truth may not be political in nature.
It may not be spoken, but rather lived in the way you choose to live your life.
This is some of our most important work in our lifetimes.
I believe we're born with messages inside of us... radios of sorts that tune into certain channels and provide divine guidance in the form of writing, teaching, leadership, service, affection, and everyday living.
I believe that right now we're being asked to tune our frequencies and to hear the voice within.
Some will hear cries to march in D.C.
Others will be reminded to take out the garbage, have more sex, and cut toxic ties in their lives.
More still will be aware of the wear and tear that results from deafening oneself to their true voice.
THIS POST IS ONE OF MANY DEDICATED TO THE PEOPLE WHO FEEL CALLED TO STAND FOR THEMSELVES, and anything, that feels merciful and true. For people who want to speak out, share their stories, and be free of feeling trapped by silence, fear and if others will like or understand them.
And in this moment, you may feel called to retreat. To be silent.
And that's ok, too.
We're here when you're ready.
We need you, in whatever receptive form you come to us in.
<3 Enjoy this post and share with anyone you think could use it. <3

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It seems I'm on fire when it comes to ideas pouring through me, wanting to be heard. I realize it's not actually me writing in these moments, and yet, there's a sense of delight knowing I was chosen by a power greater than myself to deliver these ideas for your benefit and for my own delight.

I've maintained the habitual belief that it's my job to take care of everyone and even save them. It's led me to not want to take on more responsibility or lead because the task (and assumed promise on my behalf by me) seems insurmountable. It's created anxiety and a subtle frustration with life that I couldn't quite understand.
When @Elizabeth DiAlto suggested this was codependent and martyrdom, it shifted my world.

I had to laugh out loud a bit, too.

As a friend put, "everyone has a higher power and you're not it."

Really?! I'm not it?!

Which means...then what do I do? How do I focus? How do I build and lead? In times when everything seems and reads as so urgent? If I'm not the proverbial Jesus...then wtf?

I'm shattered first and foremost because real talk. My whole rebrand was based on the notion of a female Jesus except I have boobs and better hair.

Now what?!

We're on a mission, yes, and...

We need to care for ourselves deeply.

Enjoy my latest story.

[I write a few times a week/month on my blog. Sign up at if you want all the stories. They're juicy :)]

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The other day I shared this post on my blog and friend Theresa Watts Campbell quoted it. I knew I was onto something when she shared because she's a no bs, super discerning kinda gal. ❤️

So when the good souls Positively Positive wanted to feature the story as well, you can imagine how happy I was. :)

Lots of opinions are flying around these days given the political climate and speed at which we're being asked to process the change, decide how we feel and how to proceed.

It's a lot to take it in and a lot to respond to, even internally.
But having an opinion comes with responsibility, too.

I talk about that here in and address the question,
"is it safe for me to share my opinions even if they differ from others?"

I highly recommend this piece given the state of Facebook, our country, and our communities.

Enjoy and share with those you believe could use the boost.
blessings and stardust ✨

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I can’t be who you want me to be, even if who I am reveals your ignorance.

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We're worth it.
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There's a sadness inside me, I wrote, last Friday on Facebook, that's pouring out onto the page.

As I'm processing this election, I'm very aware of our concept of "other" and my own anger, resentment and fear of that which I've felt oppressed and misunderstood by.

This anger blinds me as much as it fuels my action. In time and with conscious work, it will dissipate. In the meantime, it's pointing to something deeper. A trespass of sorts and ancient rage that goes beyond my body in this lifetime.

We draw lines in the sand and call wars in the name of preserving those lines. These lines, we feel, protect our interest and yet they inherently divide.

You vs me.

We will always fight where there is division.

In this essay, I dissect the idea of 'other' and offer up the idea that we don't know or truly understand people who aren't like us. No matter how fucked up we think they are.

And that if we did, if we truly had friendships/shared memories/intimacy with them, our stances may change, because the face of opposition now has a face, one that we know and care for. Our quickness to fight may diminish because these people are now our friends.

This election didn't cause the hate in our hearts, the rage, the fear or the uncertainty.

It brought it to the surface. To be seen. To be healed. To be released.
We are all evolving. Some faster than others. Let who we voted for not be a hard line in the sand. Let us learn to see through the eyes of compassion and stand for what's right.

These are not mutually exclusive ideas.

Let us see into and break bread with "other", starting with the other within ourselves.

The one that yearns to be held, supported and remembered. The parts of us that were long forgotten and shamed.

Read the full essay by clicking the pretty image below:

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We're better than this.
#new #blogpost

I spent the majority of yesterday in a tailspin. Crying on and off. Writing. Mourning. Questioning what it meant to have a world where Donald Trump is POTUS.

After hours of writing at a coffee shop, looking for answers and comfort on the page, this blog post is what landed.

We're here for a reason.

We're here to experience conflict, contrast, and the human rollercoaster that is life.

And we're here to rise above it.

To fix what's broken within ourselves, first and foremost.
My sadness and grief is less over the candidate elected and lay more within the division of millions of people.

The use of hate and rage justified through these polarized sides.

This division tears at my insides and lowered me to my knees in grief.
Who are we if not human?

In this emotional essay, I challenge you to see the world, and your role in it, differently. I remind you of who you truly are and I try to get to the root of our suffering such that we can release it.

We're better than this.

YOU'RE better than this.

Be reminded why, here.

Read my latest essay via this URL:

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Love me like my life depended on it.
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In the heat of dating, growing, and being a notorious Pisces, I've run up against confusion around what it means to love in the broadest of senses.

People assume that I want to be in an open or poly relationship or that I don't like having a single partner.

And that's not it.

Love to me is universal and I have super powers in my ability to connect with others on a deep emotional and spiritual level.

I've found that people wanting me to confine this super power to just them as fairly common and equally confusing.

Love is a state that expresses itself without effort.

In this fun, poetic essay, I talk about what love means to me (and could mean to you) and how we're really all searching for the same damn thing.

📸 credit:@farouqsamnani
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