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Lauriston House Function Centre

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Celebrating 130 years of Love at Lauriston House
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Built in 1887, Lauriston House is heritage-listed and features open fireplaces, a private bridal room, a dining room with dance floor and an elegant lounge area. It provides a stunning backdrop to your wedding reception and exudes a warm ambience for you and your guests.
Furthermore, our brand new gardens offer the ideal setting for your marriage ceremony, wedding photos or pre-dinner drinks. Make a breath-taking entrance to your ceremony by walking down the 60-foot “aisle” from the house to the Victorian wrought-iron gazebo, past the beautiful cherry blossoms and exquisite fountain.
As a specialist wedding reception venue, Lauriston House and its gardens are exclusively yours to enjoy for the duration of your function.
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Romance is in the air at Lauriston House
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Our brand new gardens offer the ideal setting for your marriage ceremony, wedding photos or pre-dinner drinks. Make a breath-taking entrance to your ceremony by walking down the 60-foot “aisle” from the house to the Victorian wrought-iron gazebo, past the beautiful cherry blossoms and exquisite fountain.
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Marry in a world of your own at Sydney's Leading Reception venue!
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Holding a Traditional Wedding

When it comes to tying the knot, harking back to the days of old will bring meaning and a sense of occasion to this once-in-a-lifetime event. Those organising their wedding receptions in Sydney suburbs such as Ryde, Epping or Parramatta will have plenty of choice for their next historically-themed ceremony. Stepping back into the past is simple with some smart research and planning.

Renting a Heritage Venue

The first step will be to book the physical location. The good news is there are plenty of wedding venues in Sydney which have been made for these more traditional occasions. The best feature heritage-listed properties built using beautiful colonial architecture.

These locales are even more historical in suburbs such as Dundas Valley which also boast patches of native bush that have been there since before the arrival of Captain Cook. These venues offer a classical atmosphere, perfect for your more traditional wedding.

Traditional Dress Designs

Your outfit will also have to fit in with the locale you choose for your big day. Since you are looking for garden wedding venues and a Sydney heritage homestead, you will need a gown which harkens back to this bygone era. Some popular dress styles include:

 • A-line
 • Ball gown
 • Mermaid
 • Trumpet

Wearing these beautiful outfits, you will present the image of innocence and true love while tying the knot at any wedding reception venues in Sydney found between Parramatta River and Lane Cove National Park.

Classic Wedding Decorations

Since you want to arrange the very best historical wedding, you will also need to consider the smaller aspects of the celebrations. Traditional decorations play a big part here, especially at the reception. To stick with the heritage theme, you may want to include the following at your wedding:

 • Crystal wine glasses
 • Fine silver platters
 • Fancy place cards
 • Floral arrangements

If you get married in the outdoors, you can tie the knot next to the beautiful backdrop of a classic heritage household. Garden wedding venues in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs are becoming even more popular as a result of their amazing historical architecture. There’s no better way to take a break from the modern world on your wedding day.

Sticking to Tradition

Finally, you can respect your roots and remember your ancestors by adding some personal touches to your upcoming marriage ceremony. Think back to how your parents, grandparents and great grandparents tied the knot and see whether there is anything similar you can add to your big day.

Since Sydney is such a multicultural city, from the Chinese in Eastwood to the Italians in Gladesville, which traditions you include in your wedding will largely depend on your background. Since you will have already organised the location, outfits and decorations though, it shouldn’t be too difficult to incorporate these special traditions into your upcoming historical wedding.

Reaching into the past is a great way to celebrate your love for each other and is entirely possible thanks to the wide range of wedding ceremony venues in Sydney and its northern suburbs.
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New Year Wedding Planning

As the year winds down and the festive season begins, Sydney transforms into a joyful, celebratory city. Parties are planned, the weather warms and people are in a happier mood. For these reasons, New Year’s Eve is a popular choice for weddings especially in suburbs such as Ermington and North Rocks where nature and community really come to life during this cheerful time.

Start Preparations Early

Because of the popularity of this holiday, it’s important to make arrangements as quickly as possible. Don’t leave comparing Sydney wedding reception venues until the last minute or you may find they have been booked out already. The festive season is a time for family gatherings, corporate functions and other assorted parties so you’ll have to get in quick and secure the venue at least a few months before the wedding. Even in smaller areas such as Dundas Valley, you will still have to act swiftly if you want to grab that amazing reception venue.

Take Advantage of the Weather

One of the best aspects of getting married on New Year is that the weather is normally superb. Since you’ve chosen to tie the knot on this day, it makes sense to hold the ceremony outside where you and your guests can enjoy the warmer temperatures.

Choosing one of the many garden wedding venues in Sydney is a smart choice for the bride and groom especially in areas close to native forest such as Brush Farm Park. In this way, you can add the scent of the Australian bush to your New Year wedding despite the fact you’re in the middle of the nation’s biggest city.

Choosing a Theme

New Year celebrations bring with them some unique traditions which can be added to your wedding. Whether you are getting married in Denistone, Oatlands or elsewhere, think about including the following on the big day:

 • Champagne
 • Countdown
 • Sparklers
 • Auld Lang Syne

While fireworks cannot be legally set off, you might also think about setting up a screen with the 9pm and midnight shows. The best wedding venues in Sydney should happily accommodate this request especially in areas such as Ryde and Pennant Hills which are far from the official fireworks launch sites.

Be Flexible with Guests

Finally, it’s important to remember that New Year’s Eve is a popular time for parties and celebrations. Thus, don’t be disappointed if a few people can’t make it to your reception or arrive late due to prior engagements. In fact, this is another excellent reason to book everything as early as possible. The sooner you tell your family and friends, the less likely it will be that they’ll be booked out when December 31 arrives.

For further advice on organising your reception at New Year, we recommend talking to the experts at one of the many wedding ceremony venues in Sydney. From Lane Cove to Prospect Reservoir, you will find plenty of assistance and advice on how to tie the knot as the old year ends and the new one begins.
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Greek Weddings at Lauriston House

With Sydney’s extensive Greek community, it is not surprising that Greek Orthodox receptions are fairly common. The heritage-listed Lauriston House is one of the top historical wedding venues in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs especially for Greek celebrations. After completing the religious ceremony, whether at St Ioannis Greek Orthodox Church or further afield, we will make the reception a moment to remember while sticking to tradition.

Pre-reception Champagne

Before the bride and groom arrive, it is usual to serve champagne while the guests mingle. As one of the leading Greek wedding venues in Sydney from Ryde to North Rocks, we will supply all essentials including:

 • Skilled wait staff to hand out drinks
 • An MC to set the atmosphere
 • Suitable background music
 • Elegant wedding decorations

This will set the stage for when the bride and groom finally arrive with all guests fully relaxed and ready for the night to begin. This emphasis on proper form makes us one of the most popular wedding reception venues for Sydney’s Greeks.

A Sumptuous Banquet Dinner

Once inside our Dundas Valley venue, the bride, groom and guests will take a seat. It will now be time to eat, drink and be merry! Greek wedding receptions in Sydney are known for their delicious cuisine and our catering staff can serve delicacies such as:

 • Tzatziki, skordalia and other dips
 • Bekri meze (pork cooked in wine)
 • Kokkinisto (braised meat in herbs and tomatoes)
 • Baklava, kataifi and other pastries

Don’t forget the koufeta, or Jordan almonds. We will give these to your guests – a present that signifies the sweetness of marriage and the slight bitterness of life.

Speeches and Cake Cutting

For the speeches, our audio-visual setup lets the groom, best man, and father of the bride regale the audience with crystal clear sound. Since we are one of the top Sydney wedding venues for Greek ceremonies in the Parramatta area, we will also accompany the moment with related decor, floral arrangements and more. Our talented team will also take care of the cake, producing a culinary masterpiece that takes your breath away.

Greeks on the Dance Floor

It is here where Lauriston House really stands out among other unique wedding venues in Sydney. Whether you want to use our own resident DJ or bring along a live band, our heritage-listed hall can accommodate your needs. We also have enough space for the traditional dances typically found at Greek weddings. This is important as everyone will usually end up on the dance floor by the end of the night. Don’t forget the handkerchief dance so the DJ or band gets some added cash for their excellent work in entertaining the wedding party and guests.

After this, the occasion will wind down and the bride and groom will return home. From our central location on Marsden Road between the M2 and M4 Motorways, we will send you off with a smile, safe in the knowledge that we have organised your Greek reception exactly as required as your chosen wedding venue in Sydney.
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Garden Wedding Ceremonies at Lauriston House

There’s no better place to celebrate true love than at Lauriston House. Located in Dundas Valley, we offer the perfect outdoor setting where you can mark the beginning of a new life together in lush, green surroundings. We are one of the premier garden wedding venues in Sydney thanks to our superb landscaped setting and our talented catering crew. Our outdoor areas are especially beautiful during the spring and summer when the flowers are in bloom.

A Wondrous Occasion

The garden at Lauriston House is one of the most unique wedding venues in Sydney‘s Northern Suburbs for several reasons:

 • The classic, heritage-listed home
 • Seasonal blossoms and floral blooms
 • Manicured lawns, shrubs and foliage
 • Centrally located between the M2 and M4

Those seeking elegance and class in the great outdoors will find everything they need right here. As one of the leading wedding reception venues in Sydney, we provide you with a setting which caters to you and your guests in a comfortable, friendly and memorable manner.

A Private Celebration

The garden at Lauriston House also boasts an incredibly intimate atmosphere for your family and friends. Sometimes, a wedding doesn’t need a lot of guests. Instead, it can be better to celebrate the occasion amongst those close to you. We are a wedding venue in Sydney which balances the need for privacy with surroundings which are truly unique. Whether you are from Parramatta, Epping or further afield, you can tie the knot in a lush, green setting filled with the love and pride of those attending.

Added Touches of Elegance

The centrepiece of our garden is our Victorian wrought-iron gazebo, a structure which is as long lasting as your marriage will be. Emerging from our heritage-listed house, the bride will walk down the 60-foot aisle past landscaped shrubs and cherry blossoms to the gazebo where her beloved groom waits. Guests will stand on the pristine lawn, watching the ceremony while surrounded by nature. This atmosphere cannot be found at any other wedding ceremony venues in Sydney.

Our staff will also add the following touches to your big day. Within our garden, we will supply everything needed for the wedding including:

 • Floral arrangements
 • Guest seating
 • Plush red carpet
 • White linen signing table

As well as this, the bride and groom will tie the knot with one of the best backdrops in the city: the heritage-listed Lauriston House. Built in 1887 near the native forest area now known as Brush Farm Park, this is a structure which has stood the test of time, representing the long-term commitment of marriage in a manner not found in more modern Sydney wedding venues.

Tying the Knot Outdoors

Getting married surrounded by Mother Nature in all her glory is becoming a more popular choice for Australian couples nationwide. If you are tying the knot in Sydney, visit Lauriston House on Marsden Road and discover the intimacy, beauty and warmth of our historical setting. It is here where you can start your new life together in lush, natural surroundings.
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