Thanks so much to Rising Fl. Star #personalinjurylawyer  +Tina Willis 
Can We Talk For A Second About Star G+ Member +Laurie Robbins ?

I have many friends to thank on G+, and +Laurie Robbins is certainly one of them.  If you look at her page, you can see a long line of compliments to others.  Humble and never asking for anything in return, she definitely deserves a circle.

Believe it or not, +Laurie Robbins was one of the very first people whom I started noticing regularly on G+, from day one, and that trend has not changed despite my higher activity.  She definitely engages with everyone who makes any effort with her.

Another thing I love is that she has formed many active G+ communities and she makes a regular effort to keep the discussion going.  I especially loved her approach of asking lawyers to "pull up a chair" in her Atlanta attorney community, which gave me the definite impression that she is an inviting and friendly person.

She's also a fantastic Georgia personal injury attorney with many years of experience.  She expresses what I believe is very genuine concern for her clients and potential clients in her blog posts.

+Laurie Robbins you are a G+ rock star and I am thankful to be included in your circles, although I still do not want to eat your Kale cupcakes.

Please add this fantastic woman to your circles--and watch your circles expand!

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