Friday LegalBegalNews salutes our  #ReturningWarriors   with  #BrilliantLegalcommentary   and  #TopSMexperts   who helped with these posts, and especially +Jeffery Robinette +Jeffrey Lapin voted  #HardestworkingNePersonalInjuryLawyer   +Jesse Reiter   #mibirthinjuryattorney   +Steven Sweat +David Slepkow +Dave Abels +Dave Gormley +Dan Goldstein   #page1solutions     #DynamicDuoLegallySpeaking   +Stephan Futeral and +Tina Willis +Matthew Arnold +Matthew Dolman +Matthew Arnold +Bonnie Manis +K. Lawson Wellington +K. Lawson Wellington +William Bill Hurst +Kymeshia Morris +Edward Weinstein   #NJFamilyLawyer   +Matt Willens +Rodney Mesriani +Jonathan Rosenfeld +Brian M. Fishman who made  #superphilidelphiacriminallawyer   +James O. Cunningham +James Murphy +James Bergener +James Goldstein +Christopher Zachar +Chris Limberopoulos +Christine DeGraff   #SmGuru   +Michael Ehline +Michael Smolensky +Anthony Castelli +Ron Miller +Ronald Bua +Preston Clark +Kimberly Bishop +John Fabriele +Shawn Curry +Jason Dunkle +Benjamin Von Schuch +Ann Arbor DUI Attorney Stacey M. Washington, Attorney and Counselor who is looking great in her  #CriminalLawVideo   +The Law Office Of James Novak There are some great stories in this edition thanks to so many  #Fantasticlegalminds   who gave me ideas , and let us post their articles. I hope you got a lot done this week, and have a fantastic weekend. 
 Many of these articles are posted on, and we have a new page to honor recommended attorneys: +Brian M. Fishman and +Jeffery Robinette to name a few.  Hope to see you there.      Atlanta
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