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Finished and heading to Mirada Fine Art in Denver when it dries.
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Wow, really spectacular. I had to look for a minute or so to find her. I love it!
Very interesting painting Laurie! Such amazing beauty and love that how more and more can find in this work, different thing! Beautiful!
This is the first painting I have seen of your work. It is stunning! After staring for a few minutes I realized that I had forgotten to breathe. Wonderful comp, color, brushwork and on and on and on.... Sweet!
+Mark Davis Thank you so much. I am normally 'horsing' around... and did more nudes several years exploring new things for my galleries to sell. You are in Atlanta? Hope to be visiting there soon. Have never been and it is on target for this year.
I'm a little northeast of Atlanta. Hopefully, I can see some of your work in person soon.
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