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I had double vision when I was making my circle pictures. :~) (There's one in every class, right?)
This is my part 1 & part 2.

#sitinthebackoftheclasswithchrystarae with +Chrysta Rae & +Alan Shapiro
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I didn't understand your Part 2 until I looked at it in the lightbox. Then it made perfect sense! That looks awesome!
Thanks +Lori Seebeck !
Have you ever worked with polymer clay? When I started the first picture, I kept thinking about making canes out of clay, so I used the same technique (well, sort of) for my 2nd picture.
It also looks quilt-y to me.
Hoping I'll get a good grade on it. (I had fun anyway. Even if I have to re-do.) :~_
I see the quilt-y, also reminds me of the new bar codes, but prettier!
This is really cool +Laurie Nation! Thanks to +Lori Seebeck I took a better look! These circle items are perfectly isolated... did you take the photos on a plain background or did you extract them and put them on the solid background?
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