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"Traditionally, influence and authority came with title, power and “Ruling with an iron fist.”  Today,..."

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Check out our recent article: How do you become an influential leader? #Influence #Business #Share

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Secret Recipe to build your community
Develop a program and process to consistently communicate and engage with your community. Remember you are looking to engage members with common interests and culture. What do your customers have in common? This leads to your niche. Your niche leads to ideas of how to magnetize members to your community. When you consider where other like-minded people hang out, you will have input to determine the avenues to use to find community members. Soon you will have a growing community.

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Proven Steps to connect with your ideal clients
Be consistent and deliberate in how you connect with potential clients, and partners. Keep your message on brand. These are the keys to build your community.
M agnetize
A uthenticity – be authentic
G ive first – always give value
N etwork – network both online and in person
E ngage – engage others
T imely – Ensure you provide timely information
I ntegrity - operate with integrity and transparency
Z illion – the number of new members you will attract
E njoy – always have fun and enjoy building your community
More Details Here:

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I'll be interviewed by +Rebecca Hall next week. Mark your calendars 11am PST November 22, 2016. Call in (866) 613-1612
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