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My dad has stage four liver cancer -- I PRAY research and doctors make this happen

THANK YOU to everyone who has posted information, commented or reshared
I know that my posts are often silly but this is very close to my heart
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I am sorry to hear such news, but hope is that I ride motorcycles regularly with a friend with the same problem.

Good luck!
Totally, totally, totally agree! And I'm so very sorry to hear about your dad. My thoughts are with you.
Ugh. FUCK cancer. Stay strong! My mother had breast cancer twice and got through it. My thoughts are with you and your father.
I've heard about his t4chniques, Laurie. God bless and good luck. {{xo}}
Had cancer for 3 years. Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Two relapse and two stem cell transplants. MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Tx is the best cancer treatment/research facility in the world. I'd suggest there over anywhere else if you have the option.
+Ralph Uy Wow THANK YOU to everyone who has posted information, commented or reshared
I know that my posts are often silly but this is very close to my heart
this is how i feel about cancer, cancer killed The Duke Of The Abruzzi in 1933 (under investigation)., since then, Villabruzzi, Somalia kept going down, and now disappeared from the world map. we wish you the best.
My thoughts and Prayers to Your Father and your family.....
Stay Strong...We pray each day to end this horrible suffering...
Gene therapy is also currently being looked into for the cure for HIV. I can actually get into the details of it, and why we can't fight it off, but in short they are looking into reprogramming our immune system to attack the HIV virus.
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I am so sorry to hear this and my prayers are with you and your family... many of my family and friends have been falling prey to this disease in various forms over the past year. A girl I went to HS with is developing a new breast cancer drug which looks very promising in the lab... go Leah!
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I am so sorry Laurie. I lost both my parents when I was very young to cancer. It's a terrible and curable disease if they would just quit screwing around and use the money they are given for research properly.
my wife father brean cancer did you death march 21th 2011
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well put ... We just lost kid Carter from New York Met.
my mama in are working in south africa
so sad i will pray for him
I will pray for your dad to hun i lost my daddy to that sickness be strong for him
Im sorry to hear this ..I will say a prayer for him
God willing, will be okay ..
And I call him God
I lost my grand mother to liver cancer . My prayers go out to you and family . I did not get chance to say good by to her . she was a big part of my life . Just let your father know much you love him ... this hard for me ... all my prayers are with you .
My best friend is only 32 and had a double masectomy a week ago today... On Tuesday the results from the tissue and lymph node tests show that she is now cancer free. She was a lucky one... We will both keep your dad in our prayers.
Take care of your father and yourself. We are working on the research part. Know that your father, your family and you are in our thoughts
My prayers go out to you and your father, just stay strong.
I'll pray for your Dad.. Have Faith.. We'll Surely Succeed :)
That is so true and sorry for your dad
Newest research shows that fighting against cancer like a foreign object is wrong. Cancer can be manipulated in a way that it can be used as stem cells which can be used for cure.
My Dad died from kidney cancer three years ago after a much longer than expected fight. Thanks to research and treatment advancements, they were able to give him an extra 6 years no one ever expected he would have.
Very sorry to hear that my prayer n best wishes for ur family
My thoughts and prayers are with you and ur family.
My aunt is having stage 4 breast cancer.
I'm sorry to hear that Laurie
I know some of the best food supplements which will cure the cancer at first stage in manner with as an immunity booster & can decrease the chances of cancer to the next generation of whom family member is/was cancer patient.I also can give you info about cure on heart disease,diabetes,anemia & many other diseases
i praying for ur dad lol. may allah give him long life and gud health
I'm so sorry..I will pray for his recovery. I'm sure he is a great father and you would never like to see him at this stage of life. God does listen to all of the prayers. I will keep him in all prayers and share this with my fellowship at my church in Albuquerque NM.. There is power in prayer. Good luck and love your father more than he loves you.. : )
My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.
Our (Indian) Upanishad philosophy says that each and every entity in this universe is the tiny and mortal replica of the omnipotent Cosmic Energy. The ultimate motive of all such creations is to return to their original Source. I am sure your father will reach there in due course.
I think every one of us has been there with a loved one and has shared the very same sentiment. Certainly, this knowledge doesn't make it any less painful or frustrating...

**** cancer. The ******** piece of **** that it is. I hope your dad stabs cancer in the ****ing neck.
I hope all the best for all you people suffering through the direct or indirect pain of cancer. We'll get there one day, just never stop showing your undivided love to the people you hold dearest <3
I know how your feeling! My dad just got diagnosed about 6 months ago and so did my moms sister both are in stage 4. It is hard to watch someone you love become that sick and there isn't nothing we can do... My mom is who I am worried about now..
I am thinking on you and my prayers are with you..
Yeah why not, all the medical experts and scientist just need to inject the cancerous cells with cancer predators or virus in itself. Like malaria, the carrier mosquitoes have to undergo vasectomy.
agree with it. i hope cancer will disappear from this world.
+Laurie DesAutels I'm sorry to hear this, my family just went thru this with my father in November. My father decided against Chemo, and lasted about a month after he let us know about it. It's hard, and you and your family will be in my prayers.
I lost my lovely Mum to cancer not long ago. I know how helpless you must feel but stay strong and have faith.
My thoughts are with you and your family.
I'm so sorry Laurie...prayers of healing going out to you and your dad.
+Laurie DesAutels. Cant imagine the stress, worry, sadness you and your family must be feeling. But most of all you must have hope and to keep strong :) thoughts and good wishes to you and your family x
Crap.. Hold on strong.. I know its easier said than done..
+Laurie DesAutels My heart goes out to you and your family. My beloved uncle who was like a father to me died of this hateful disease. I will light a candle for your father's recovery tonight. Keep strong and being there for him. God bless you xxxx
I lost 2 best friends and many family members to this,so sorry you are going through this hon. x
its not write only the best people get it that u love so much ; (
All the cancers are due to chemical industry.... things that are alien to our bodies... watch this to understand... although this video does'nt mean its a male prob. only....
Thank You to everyone sometimes I feel alone!! I know I am not, it is just overwhelming sometimes.... He is in pain now that part of it has started now and he is sleeping all the time.He also has a very harsh cough that seems to lasts for a long while when he starts coughing,.is this all part of it?..He is a smoker and is STILL SMOKING with stage 4 lung cancer. I am sooo stressed!!!!.I flew back to my hometown to be there for him and my mom.But my own family is 4000 miles away. It is so hard somtimes ...
Laurie I do not know you though Cancer is Cancer and parent is a parent. My father died of Cancer and so did several of his siblings. I empathize with anyone going through this ugly thing. The word Cancer itself is ugly and I agree I wish Cancer got Cancer and it died. I will have your father in my prayers. I do not know your faith, but I as a christian have a strong faith in my Jesus Christ and I will have your father in my prayers as well as you and your family for strength and courage dealing with this ordeal. Stay positive and keep your faith!! God bless! Tigger
My mother fought ovarian cancer stage four for twelve years then got leukemia she passed away last August but she had the courage to stand up to cancer and fight

GOD bless you and your family may the Angels of mercy be with you
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