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These are the sexiest geek high heels ever!!
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Heels are my red flag at the bull....heels are non-functional, designed to place the foot in the most unstable position possible...they place excessive shear force on the sacrum, they force the pelvis into an anterior tilt, which forces the buttocks back...they make your bum "look good" from behind, they create excessive load on the knee joint, they are dum. OK, so why do ladies want to wear them ? These, and other questions make me ponder life and the universe....
Oh !!! and they create the bunion on your big toe also.
Oh well ...this is interesting! I might try it girls! When is Selfy Sunday coming back?
No idea +Gilmar Smith. But you could make them now.... send me some legos and I'll make a pair too! haha
We'll have all the boys crawling behind us! LOL!
Yes but will the heel snap off with every step? Lol
As much as people scream and curse when stepping on a Lego in the dark, I never imagined people stepping out in them!
These are just awesome! In fact, I think I've seen a lego dress that they would be even more awesome with!

+Michael Ringland We wear them because despite everything you said, they are cute and we look great in them. It's sad. We know. That is all...
my 8 year old saw these and now wants to make rain boots for himself
lego high heels!!!!awesome&the best thing is that there s nothing 4 men!!!
I Would Like To See A Lego LapTop.
sexy?i hv no idea but very nice....
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