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Name the first thing that pops in your head

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Mine would be to not look back or predict the future but always try to live in the moment I have today.
Pick the next set of lottery numbers so I could get on with my life. I don't want a huge amount £50k at the moment would be wonderful.
World Dominance not in an evil way but to be ruler of the world would be pretty cool! So yeah that!
Agree with Will Barlow. Kick out with wars and give food for all the poor.
First comment deleted because I don't want to tip my hand to the secret world government about my overthrow plans.

Oops. Did it again.
Live forever. With infinite life you can do infinite things :)
Well it would help me setup a new home for myself. But I'd treat my kids to something to help them get over being in the middle of the mess..
+Eddie Curtis If I do something, after one hour I get bored. Doing infinite things would be the same...
Get my shingles replaced, attic insulated, washer and dryer replaced, garage door fixed, cars repaired and all my debts paid...for free.
+Mircea Pop I see life as a gift, I am happy to be alive and I'd never get bored. Some people say that when they reach 90-100 they will want to die, but I will never share that view. It's just the way I am, I prefer existence to nothingness
I'd run for President of the United States. No way I could be worse than what we've already got going on in Washington.
+Eddie Curtis Yep, you are right. Now, when we are young, we won't say "I want to day, omg" like "kamikaze" guys we see on TV, Internet etc.. but when you reach, 70-80 years old and you have a lot of disease, I think most of the people won't want to continue...
Rich G.
Bust a friend outta jail :) How fun would that be? lol
write really big words on a blackboard?
Live in the would help me be a better mother I think....
hmm, hard to decide, thinks - BRAINFART - O_O ......Skate - w -
why do anything if you knew you could not fail? where is the fun in that?
Contact benign, super advanced, humanlike aliens; to take me (& family) away from this messed up world.
First thing that came into my head was fly... but really my answer would be everything!!!
Try hard to fail, to prove nothing is impossible.
I ll petition 2 God tat wateva I do shud neva fail ;-):-P Bt 1st thing Vch came 2 ma mind wz 2 propose 2 my guy again, So tat.. he wud accept :-)
swim to the bottom of the ocean. (and back!)
be a jazz singer o_0 !
Think big, for instance I'd build a space station in low earth orbit then come up with a way to travel faster than light.
I think I'd go with trying and learn magic with Róbert Csala for all the possibilities...

Travel without expense, protect those that I love, be with my fiancée who I haven't been able to physically see for a year... cure cancer.

Can just continue to dream I guess... =)
Absolutely everything....including: Climb Mount Everest,Sail the seven seas,Eliminate World Hunger,Cure cancer,Invent a "happy" pill that wasn't addicting etc etc MR
"the first thing that pops in your head", hope it's not a blood vessel :p
I'll take a hundred exams
Reply with best comment ever.
Tamaine think about that if you take all the money what would you do with it u'd probley go have fun and buy hudge houses now think about this after you do all that and u've been to all the parties and have gone to all the trips u'd get bored its better to win your way money is'nt everything and it sure won't make you all that happy.
a plan to make 10 trillion dollars
fly as far away from society as possible, and survive on my own
I tell you what I'd do man. Two chicks at the same time.
Get rid of my evil twin...
I feel terrible, because the first thing that popped into my head was an Office Space reference. I blame my steady diet of trivia and pop culture.
The first "A" has no center line.
i would like to ride bike at highest speed on empty road
Love with the love of Christ.
I would try to acheive the toppest rank in my forthcoming exams...........
Build a starship and go to the stars.
That's silly. If you're not going to fail, you don't "attempt" something, you just "do" it. Attempt = Try. Try = Chance of Failure
Start an all natural materials clothing and accessory company..... Polyester be damned!
Start an animation studio. Fly to Hollywood to my screentest.
Promote World Peace by changing the mindset of every individual and teach them to truely love unselfishly.
I have a paperweight with this message engraved into it. The real point of it is to approach your goals with the confidence of someone who knows they cannot fail.
Would stop any flying bullets in the world..
Would stop Wars.. Would stop people killing each other..
Well, it would not be an "attempt" ... it would be a simple action if one could not fail... Not to put a fine point on it or anything. ;-)
I would provide the ability for all poor and those of diminished capacity to have a good life free wanting of basic needs.
First thing that popped into my head was It's not an attempt if there is a certainty of success.
Look into your beautiful eyes all day and night!
am i the only one thinking the XXX stuff i could do.. like the worlds my oyster
build a space ship, like what's on Star trek =)
i'd like to know more about the person who wrote the quote!
I am doing it now. I cant fail. it is not in my nature.
I would be the first man on Mars..........
get with that girl youve always liked....
i will forget about failure and do all good.
cure all the uncureable sicknesses or diseases
become an awesome sociopsychologist and provide society with the therapy it needs to stop hurting itself constantly. if the group is observed as an individual, it's quite insane.
remove everything evil and sad from the world
Become a genie that could grant my own wishes but not those of others.
make everyone else fail.. ;)
But seriously speaking, I would try to make this world a better place to live..
hope and believe that all my foes fail in whatever life brings there way :) !
Write down every single story idea I have ever had, then choose which one(s) would actually make it to a book.
Bein a cook (the only way to a person's heart is through their stomach) and an Idealist...I would definitely feed the world (including clean drinking water mind you)
Make a liverwurst sandwich for lunch.
Alex 'O
Is it still an attempt if there is no chance to fail?
Take more risks, pursue my dreams
Vee A
Become a Cagillionaire
Y I Lee
Ride a horse in the Grand National. :)
Conquer the world and rule with an iron fist in my own image of Eden. First edict; we are now living on the planet Bob!
learn how to play the piano amazingly!! so graceful!
Ride on the wing of a bi-plane in flight.
M Rotor
Venture to the outer edge of the milky way.
Run for President of the United States of America.
Threesome with Felcia day and Scarlett Johansson. LOL
Save the UK National Health Service from those who are working dilligently to break it,
jump off a cliff expecting to fall into the rainbow-colored portal that leads to Equestria #mylittlepony
Direct a World Championships sporting event.
Well: i'd try a slam dunk, which is one of my dreams. I'd steal a space shuttle and drive it in a straight line till i know i fail (and since i know i cannot fail... ;) ) and i'd be the new italian prime minister :>
Make a big happy family with my boyfriend.
Build a system for educating youth in a highly personalized way, that would make the concepts stick by providing individual feedback and adjusting to the methods and thought processes of the individual child.
Break the myth of "Parallel Universe".
I would build a perpetual motion machine.
Go to the olympics with my horse.
straighten out the government!!
clear all the corporate tied congress people from government
Audition for jay z's record label 
love the person that means the world to me even thought he like hates me
Matt V
Won the lottery. 
Repackage high-risk debt to balloon short term profits with complete disregard for long-term default. Why?
Matt V
I mean win. 
help all the people that needs God. Boom and i will not fail
Mind-stirring question. Nice!
D Paul
find a cure for cancer
I would attempt to fail. Wrap your head around that.
i will find a girl for my life....
first thing that comes to mind... -> DARPA - PR
Fly. I'm very pleased to see that this is such a popular choice.
Give my kids the wisdom, guidance, and life that I didnt have
Pray to the Divine to Reveal herself to me
Put the missing line in that first A...
Be selfsufficient, support myself doing something that i love to do...
Everything I've yet to do, for fear of failing.
What I am doing right now
well I dont know if I would want to do anything knowing I would succeed. Over coming the issue is what makes life interesting, so give me the road blocks and the bumps other wise I may get bored with life.
Parent better.... kids are tough!
"same as always Pinky, try to take over the world!"
theres alot of liars in this list... and one or two honest ones. And one or two that make me want to stick my fingers down my throat. I would make people honest!!! And that would also prevent me from having to stick my fingers down my throat because people who say things like I would live every second to the full are always the ones who would be saying something different if they werent able to lie.
umm i would design a really awesome house then build it myself ;)
program the most full proof operating system known to the world.
no wait I lied. There are alot of liars in the list. (I was telling the truth concerning that aspect of what I said). Me... robbing a bank came first to my mind. But then I saw the go back in time and kill Hitler thing. I would save people from the holocaut first and then rob a bank... that is if I am allowed to change my mind from what I initially said. I'm not sure where curing people from lying would come in my list. Theres problems that I can see in doing that. ermmm... oh yeah I also want to be cognitively enhanced. Oh nooooooo... no need to rob a bank... I could win the lottery.
retire i would not have a challenge
Remove my Google+ Addiction...
never fail my sons ! NOR MY SELF
ask a girl out
although i just realised i have gcse's coming up...
i would build a company with strong ties to community that supports its workers and helps grow the area it would be located in. Of course do it without having to bribe politicians
It wouldn't be worth doing if it could not fail.
I would win the lottery.
I would continue to it see more succeeding till to the end of time.
buy every thing at walmart i'd have every phone every pair of cloths every dress every pair of shoes every vido game every eltronic ECT......................................................................

ps. i cant spell well
porn... its a win win... lol

No but really, I would start a business. Probably call it something silly like poison ink... no, like this +Poison Ink !!!
go skydiving
Aye 26
rule the world
make sumthing dat makes everybody immortal...:P
Exchange all violence for Buddhism
everything on my to do list!!
Build up my business. Nature's Open Door Health and Wellness. Have health, and cooking classes. For starts.
I'm already doing it. :-)
Mike G
Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, etc...
Fight crime as a flying, masked tights.
im seting in class and my buddy said try to fail and i say if i knew we couldn't fail there would not be a god:)
I'd Conquer this world for my own.
+Shericka Johnson Er...what do you mean?
Stop Obama from being President another term
The first thing that popped up in my head was the first 'A' doesn't have a line through it.
Rescue people from the warlords in Africa.
Find the Doctor, and his time machine. :)
Wow...friend peanut butter and banana sandwich
I wudd try to get my momma daddy back together so we can hav a family again :)
The more mistake I make, the more I learn :-)
Only because of my last comment. Fly. Yeah, gave the super power answer.
Hnm....let me see....make money and more money of course..lolz its not pretty went u f...kin poor..
...invent a food replicater. solve world hunger. profit.
Diane F
Open an animal shelter - noting daring - just where my heart is.
Instill in the younger generation a love of God and a desire to be like Jesus.
I'd sue the united states government for bailing out the banks and forgive all mortgage and student loans and keep all jobs in our country
I'd go to heaven and talk to Jesus and tell him "Please dont put me in Hell"
Ill would try to fail lol.
I say this is BEAUTIFUL, So many just walk away... and stay away,WHY??? Thanks for the smile and tears...alot more work to fix than to walk away ,you make us "women" proud of our men !!!!!
bored,totally bored,life cannot be a total success neither a total failure.
Roc GF
There are no ordinary momements...
Only, ecraordinary people.

Everything is a learning experience. It's not failure that's on the Gold Medal Olympian.
...only the moment.
I would fly off the highest mountain then land in on a bed of roses.
"Truth?"  I would attempt to succeed. (please excuse my spelling for I am old now)
ii would turn my backyard into a mountain bikers parfadise butt sadly no cash no fun
K Viper
I would ask Adriana Lima to marry me. 
Learn to live with success (can be boring yah ?!!!)
a lot of people say they want to fly. Ii have changed my mind, I want to FLY too! We could have a flying club. : D
haaaa I cannot fail...because with God nothing is impossible
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