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Yes, my English is not American English. I am speaking new type of "Japanized English"! Yay! :-)
It sounds like "Des" (Mess) "Au" (aw) "tels"(tells)
In that case I lay claim to every word-that-is-not-yet-a-word.
That rocks!! I created three just trying to type this in.
And grammer don't count for much neither. /tic
Years ago I had a friend that I would text/IM all the time and when I typed the word "great" it would always come out "Greta" so somehow that stuck as her name. To this day I call her by Greta instead of her real name all because of a typo.
Would have been better if it included a typo. "I don't maek typos, I make new words".
LOL, that sounds like one of those Chuck Norris jokes. :)
I have no idea who you are or why you showed up on my feed.
+Coleman Trantham I suspect when you circle folks you not only get their posts, but also posts to their thread by people they circled. A friends of friends kind of thing.
That sounds like Sarah Palin, though I'm sure she would refutiate that.
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