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You have to read the second part out loud - ROFL!

No malice intended
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Almost a Bawstin accent there, especially toward the end.
It's kind of funny but I can see how this can be offensive.
last time I responded to this, half my followers blocked mr.
+Justin Hill jeez relax mr crusader,we get it,you don`t like made your point now shut up about it.
When I was a kid we had something like this in Danish. example: En tom pengepung (meaning: an empty purse) were pronounced like: Tom Peng Pung. It was just funny and we had no bad thought about it, but to do as an grown up could be offensive to some.
Justin hill ur such a Brit good fellow
Everyone's a bit racist .. sometimes..
Doesn't mean we go around committing hate crimes... (music note)
+Justin Hill I know where you're coming. As you may have seen. I am asian. :) Like I said, this can be very offensive to people.

I don't know why out of everyone that were actually laughing at it. You singled me out?
+Justin Hill That is what I don't get. You seem more offended by me saying I can see how it would offend people over people that actually found it funny and laughing. I thought it was meh.
Laurie, someone on the internet took offense to something you posted in jest. Not only that, but they took offense on behalf of someone else. I guess your Internet career is over.
+Justin Hill Maybe you didn't intend it to come off a certain way. Just that last part about "If someone laughed at you for how you spoke how would you be feeling right now?"

I felt like there was some attitude behind it. lol
+Calvin Lee +Justin Hill I am from Texas and you can make fun of my country accent..I do not mean any harm and thought this was cute..I am not trying to offend anyone at all. I will delete the post ...seriously..
+Laurie DesAutels I know you weren't being mean or anything. I guess when it comes to stuff like this, it's kind of touchy sometimes.
Funny can you image what the reverse would be? HA!
+Johnny King eddy murphy had a good skit about the locals walking into mcdonalds in china and making fun of the employees..
Height of misinterpretation! It should be an informational post, rather than offensive/funny! +Laurie DesAutels and +Justin Hill Cool up guys! Dont make it as serious! :D
I am from South East Asia and Chinese, even. I think this is pretty funny (but old) and not offended at all. There are other things out there that are truly offensive but this is not one of them.
+Justin Hill Actually the joke is about the ignorance we have about Chinese / Korean. Since we DO Know that they don't speak like that.
I'm Italian, precisely from Sardinia. A famous italian comic trio used to mock our accent and language (in Sardinia we have a own language, often related to ignorant shepherds), you know what, they where fucking funny and I never felt offended; I was curious how they used soundalike sardinian word to say bad thing in Italian.

In LANGUAGE there is no RACE. At all.
I think the disconnect arises because these are jokes you hear from 6 year olds until they are taught to know better. It's strange to see it posted by an adult, especially a recruiter. I would guess that many candidates might consider it a deal breaker against the company the recruiter represented. There are so many great places to work that there's no point in working somewhere that their first point of contact posts something so childish and abrasive.
you know who we should make fun of next?
Retarded people, man they sound funny when they talk.
Also, deaf people. Hilarious, right?
Next, the disabled who have suffered horrible, life-ruining, injuries forcing them to speak differently! Soooo funny!

seriously though, I don't think it's all that funny, but my wife is of Asian descent... so take that as you will. It also doesn't make me think the OP is hitler. otoh, you shouldn't share something like this publicly and not expect to come off as kind of an ass. Even if you bookend it with "no malice intended."
Wow im half asian.. people u need to learn how to laugh... stop taking things soo seriously....
It's not that I don't think its funny BECAUSE I'm close to Asian culture. I just think this type of humor is terribly un-clever and juvenile in an eye-rolling way.
That said, I love me some insult/potty humor.
This is offensive and racist.. How would you feel if we make fun of your language?
I'm English and people still take the piss out of how i talk! It doesn't offend me cause then i would be a hypocrite.
Perfect! I love it! Get over it people, if you don't like it then dont read it!
Im surprised that im 16 n ive figured out to not care wat ppl say n laugh at my self!!! Its pretty surprising that some adults feel insecure about them selves!!
If ur offended by this post.... plz stop posting negitive things... let ppl enjoy the joke!!! Stop killing it!
+Justin Hill Do not watch Russell Peters EVER. The world would be a better off place if people can laugh at themselves.
not at all..... Racists comments meant to hurt people are terrible but if its a joke, what the hell? Laugh with them.
G+rs take this in the spirit it is intended, this is obviously meant to be light hearted and not racist as some are implying. Lighten up.
I think people talking about being offended by that are either HUGE TROLLS (which didn't work well it seems), either people who just don't know about laughing. Smile as much as you can instead of spending your life complaining and crying :)
now everybody get back to work and quit screwing around on the clock
Racist. Plain and simple.
...for some reason, it reminds me of Russell Peters. :).
Actually the most funny thing here is how some people can take this so seriously :D
mel. w.
Thats funny!..
No matter where you go...there's always hating trolls...getting offended....smh 
It's the sheep amongst you who allow this subtle (or not) racist garbage to continue. Stand up and be heard.
Jesus...every country in the fackin world mock other cultures. If u +Justin Hill tell me that asians dont dont mock others then ur just plain ignorant. It was a good chuckle. Nothing more nothing less. Move on.
I'm Asian and even my children make fun of my accent, but when I read this posting I couldn't help laughing... and we all can use some laughter. Thank you, Laurie.
Thank You!..... I laughed til I cried.
LOL, now both my English and Chinese got messed up. :p
Jim, this is public. But if you don't like it, then why are you here? Move along...
<<This Native Human found it amusing.
I´m Chinese. This is not correct. People who thinks that they know a bit of Chinese tried hard to make it up, unfortunately. It is only been seen as foolish and naive, another unfortunately.
People need to learn to lighten up...Jeez.
I agree.. it was entertaining and maybe justin hill should have paid more attention to the "no malice intended " part... fricken maroon... :p
hey they aren't chinese, they probably just accent of most chinese speaking people speaks in English.
I do think India speaking people speaks English sometimes hilarious... HP touch pad = HB Dutch bad
Scotish time = tim
American ask = eyask
Australian day = die
This is a perfect example of why I hate the "what's hot in google+" crap. Not funny, mildly offensive.
pretty sure people know that the phrases on the right are not actual translations. I'm Chinese and can find the humor in it even though it's a bit over the top.
+Laurie DesAutels Lauri even though some people found this post to be offensive I think it was a great one not because of the photo but because it got people to open up and talk about racial and social issues and have a forum to truly get their feelings out. So though you may have offended some, I still have to tip my hat to you on this one. I know you're human just like anyone else and you saw something that you thought was amusing and wanted to share it. That's okay. Don't beat yourself up about it. BTW, that shit was fu kin phun ni though! Lol
interesting. As a chinese, I didn't feel whole thing offisive , but there are too many "swear" words which make me sick.
The best humour sometimes walks a fine line between being outrageously funny and simply outrageous. Even though this references my culture, I'm not going to be in the least bit beat up by this. I was quite amused the first time I saw this. Yes, it's a bit over the top and a bit silly but we all like that every once in a while, don't we?

I don't think anyone should bash on Justin Hill or whoever called this out for being racist. Actually, I'd like to thank them for being sensitive to these issues. It's good to know that we can all be civil and look out for one another.

Anyway, whether one finds it funny or not funny, I'm sure +Laurie DesAutels meant this only in jest and not to offend. Let's not look for offense where it was not intended.
i find it 2 b hilarious-somedayone just needs a good laugh!
that is FA kIN Su Pa!!!!
At the local chinese food restaurant the other day one of my boys opened up his fortune cooking. On the back it read "Learn Chinese" and the word was "Dry Cleaning".
kinda rude but hilarious...!!!!
cannot understand! what's this ? Cantonese?
I've seen this before and It's given me a chuckle. However, You have to understand that it is going to be offensive and that simply writing "no malice intended" on a post that is malicious (none the less) is going to cause a stir. I am not saying that you should not have posted it - free country, free speech - but know and expect that some people- regardless of whether they were targeted in the joke or not - will be offended.
It's easy to push something like this out there without thought, Rather than racist, which is also easy to throw out there, I would say this more standard issue ignorance and stands for a disconnect between middle white America and the rest of the planet. How about turning this into something more compelling? It could have been posted with verbiage depicting it for what it is. Ignorance. I think it's there's a bit of moral hazard that goes along with this showing others that it's ok to post this type of thing with a caveat of 'no harm intended'. The interesting thing about that type of an out is the next step in the equation. I didn't mean to harm you when I threw that hammer in your direction, I'm sorry it hit you in the head. Intent isn't always the deliminator, consequences are too. The consequences of this posting is letting people know it's ok to post, because it was posted. The simple act of perpetuating shows a serious lack of understanding, lack of empathy and ignorance that is unfortunately infecting our country still.
Wanna get laughed at, tell people you're from Texas. Its been happening to me for 45 years.
That's not Chinese, that's the the Special English, very special.
A huge thank you to everyone with a sense of humor today
Come on people, they are trying to make a joke not just be racist, get over it
Geez louise...I would be absolutely miserable if I lacked a sense of humor! Since when did making fun of a language become making fun of an entire race drama queens? I, along with the rest of the world make fun of my super Spanish families accents (and lisps actually) and no one gets butt hurt. Everyone knows that the Asians are the smart race, so take it easy champs!! Anywho, it's Sunday and I need to go mow lawns with my uncles. Sayonara!
i dont think its racist, i think its cool how their language has a lot of simularities in that apects. i thought i was interesting, but not necessarily racist
+Justin Hill joke is - that OP works in PR - which actually is only funny thing I find in that post - and I have both meanings of funny in mind ;)
Les see, not sexist, not resist, but u culd keep the chinaman from cussing so much? ha, German/Irish, want to make fun of my language? Go ahead, I hear it all the time, and I think it is VERY funny. To Much Political correctness is Bull any ways. Live your life and stop acting so pious.
Hey everyone, my wife is Chinese and I speak Chinese myself.
Of course I can see the funny side of this but get one thing straight, this type of language piss taking would only represent the Hong Kong region of China i.e Cantonese speakers.
Official language of China is Mandarin which sounds nothing like what you hear in Chinese (western) restaurants.
Because of people moving from hong kong to uk for example, brittish poeple mostly think its all "ching chong wing wong" which is just stereotypical. I don't wear a kilt, have ginger pubes and shout out "Ach eye the noo!"
oh was i stereotyping? lol
Kh Kh Kh , zeehahahahaha , that really funny
And if you want to learn to speak in an Irish accent in a minute say these words out loud and fast:
sooooooooooooooo funnnnnnnnnnnnnny eeeeeeeeeee
That's not Chinese, that's Geordie ...
+Justin Hill I know it may be offensive, I speak with a heavy accent myself but it is sometimes funny and we all need relax a bit sometimes.
After all we all laugh when Schwarzenegger says "get in da choppa"... 
Inna Z
That's not all true rakin 
Love it, can't stop laughing.! hahahahahahaha.x
what this is acward and funny at the same time
This is only racist if you make it so, its human nature to laugh at others. Thats why comedy is so popular, its hardly ever personal just a human response. In France there is a town called Condom, many people go there and have their picture taken in front of the towns sign. You do not get the people who live there being angry about it, get real, please. We have had Irish, Jewish, Polish, Black, White and every nationality jokes for generations. It does not make the people the joke is about any less than they are. I think that most people have been the butt of a joke in their lives at one time or another, are they any less worthy because of it. I don't think so, and neither should you. Have a great life and laugh as much and as often as you can, no matter the subject.
The only people offended are those who have no real reason to be other than they want to be I guess. I haven't seen every single post yet, but it seems all g+ers posting here of Asian backgrounds don't mind the post at all. Comedy needs to be looked at in the context of comedy.
Why are people sharing this? None of the phrases are true conversions. It is all made up. Surely people would want to confirm they are true before sharing and +1ing.
+Jesse Padilla if these were true conversions it would be very funny but since they are all made up, it is nothing but a load of nonsense.
I think those offended by this post are the problem, not the actual post itself. Relax people if you're going to get offended so quickly and easily then maybe you shouldnt be on social networks or the internet for that matter.. Im just sayin.
+Justin Hill ....
Where should I begin....
And you don't think folks make fun of our language. Or better yet how many folks make fun of the Brits....(and not just their accents either)...
I find that in this country, we have 2 kinds of folks... those that can laugh at (just about) anything and everyone else.... guess which one you are. Personally I'd tell ya to lighten up, but something tells me, you'd rather be offended. And as for myself I'm half hispanic and half white. I've heard the intensional cruelty of others as I've also heard the light hearted... and I sure +Laurie DesAutels can find some jokes about either my hispanic side or British decent side... either way I take no offense unless the offense was intensionally to cause hurt.

Oh and if you find something like this about retards or hispanics please post, i would like to laugh some more!
I don't seem as a racists in articles it just a pronunciation that sound bit off...i am don't want hear me the way i "said" happy new years in chinese ...GONG HAY FUCK COW...
Don't we all need a good laughs once in awhile....
almost died reading this... best funny thing in a while
Haha I don't understand even through iam Chinese
LOL .... but our Chinese friends will have the last laugh when they take over the economy and the planet in the near future. Yu No Laf Den
+Dan Bray that is the whole point. Everyone knows its nonsense. You've missed the point yet again.
phunny sturph. I chaired wit monkey monkey auteurs. A gnew languiwich eez bourne identity.
ok, let me give it a try: Fa Kin Su Pa :p
+Ralph Sevy I have lived in Houston and Dallas for years, as we might say down there, "That Laurie girl... God bless her heart."
+Norman Ma hahaha I'm from Dallas, and it never fails "hahaha....your from texas? Can't take anything you say seriously now."
Jane Li
I'm Chinese and I find it hilarious. I'm not offended at all!
I think we need to decide once and for all...
Is this offensive or not?
I cannot find the answer, definitively, even though I used Google to search.

Is it morally wrong for westerners to take Thai brides?
Is it offensive for me to crack a joke about it?
Who knows, but my policy is no-one has a right to be offended, so here goes...
When ordering a Thai Bride on-line, be careful not to tick the box for optional extras.
When they put no malice intended, they know there are sensitive people or people who will complain for attention, even those who shouldn't be offended.

Most were pretty funny to me.
i think she said no malice intended because there was no malice intended
I am very amused by some of the responses by people who always want to be "politically correct" and forgo their basic sense of humor. IT IS ALL IN THE INTENT, stupid! By birthright if anyone should be offended I hold the cards to just about any and everything racially offensive. Each of my grand parent is from a different ethnic background with one having two of his own. Just check out my surname ("family" name). I am a black, irish, chinese, indian, jew from Jamaica and I HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. The part of me that is black (which is all I am in the USA since moving here and having it shoved down my throat when I had always thought I was chinese back in jamaica sine everyone always called me "chiney bwoy"), can get away with referring to other blacks as "nigger" during casual conversation because we use it to disarm the word and take away all the negative connotation, rendering it impotent. I was really surprised when I got to departure gate for one of my flights and when the agent got to my name and started looking all around, I declared, "I am the Jamaican Chiney Man". She looked at me aghast as whispered, "that was very racist". How the hell can I be racist against myself? When you all stop stop being just white and trying to prove you are NOT racists, then maybe we can all get back to having a sense of humor. From my personal experience, the people who object the most (like gay bashers), have the most to hide.
BTW, I happen to also run one of the largest Hakka Chinese group on Facebook for bi and multi-racial chinese and I had previously posted the same "joke" in a different format for our membership. By and large, they cracked up and started sharing it with their non-chinese friends. I personally don't know of any chinese who would be offended by this. Only a guilt ridden caucasian would.
Are those the actually translations? If so wtf is there to be offended about? How do some people take a joke like this and turn it into a racist joke. Wtf....grow up, shut up and if you dont have something nice to say dont say it at all. Stop giving a shit for once laugh and move's the internet good luck being not offended. I lmfao at this! Next....!
Via Wikipedia, enjoy, boys and girls.
Chapter 7 of Title 8 of the United States Code is headed, "Exclusion of Chinese." It is the only chapter of the 15 chapters in Title 8 (Aliens and Nationality) that is completely focused on a specific nationality or ethnic group.
is that actually true?? comment! :)
Would anyone want be my friend on here
erik e
Wai too fun yi
lool i saw this at a chinese returaunt
Baahaha but just to make things clear. Ai means love <3
+sebas valenzuella ahhhh Nevermind some people are just slow.
Uh I'm asian and this don't make any sense....?
That's like ordering the cream of sum yung guy in a Chinese restaurant.
Putting 'no malice intended' doesn't make this less offensive.
LOL! I wonder what will happen if I show this to my Japenese teacher! xDDD
Those are Cantonese Chinese sentences.. NOT Mandarin..!
WAY! BACK I HAVE ONE ASIAN LADY APPROACH ME AND ASK " HEY GIRL YOU FAT CHEEK" i look at her with a red face and thinking in my head oh..geeeee lady don't know that .......BUT ACTUALLY SHE IS LOOKING FOR A FLAT SHEET......
Thank you! These posts are great! Still laughing!
i no stupi peps im with that post 100%
maybe it just me but there seems to be a Cantonese accent to the chinese portion (:
Zeal An
You have no idea how perverted they sound once you speak actual Chinese.
Put yourself on the receiving end. If yourself find it funny, than its funny.. Screw the rest of the world.. else please stop this.
Awesome, funny, luv it! 
oka cmp
wkwkwkwkwkk.......... wkwkwkwkwk........ =))
Actually, part of Chinese people speaks English better than you guys!
Lol that is funny..i have china guy who comes to my shop....i will see if this works with him :)
Funny, but it is fa kin difficult for me to pronounce them and recognize what am I saying about, while I read them again and again...u are brilliant~
Interesting comment on how folks acquire fluency.
Thank you so much - I am having such a good laugh!!
ha ha ha, like Dum Fuk n Fa Kin Su Pa! Thats really cool! I like to learn new languages! :)
I've seen some very funny chingrish but this is excellent! I bet they have some funny stuff for us too
As a Chinese, I can barely understand. WTF!!! There must be something wrong.
Could be offensive, but also funny and well thought out
So our guys can take a series of video that named shit foreigners say to Chinese aboard .hahahaha upload to YouTube 
my favorite is the second to last one ROFL
Chan Li
damn! i am Chinese & i have no ideal about the second part ! help!
WTF,I'm Chinese,but I can't understand what you have said. lol :)
Monty L
yep... that's funny
Ignorant joke from an ignorant person.
Ade Nan
Is it true look easy hey!
I am Chinese and I love this
Way too freaking funny!....
"L'amor sona com el seu poema favorit .."
if u read it out loud its english
i have to say that's not Chinese at all
Interesting and funny... hee hee hee :D
sum ting wong = something wrong, kum hia nao = come here now, correct?
Great. I'm sharing this to boast I learned Chinese.;)
If you pay a little more attention you may find out its not Chinese but a language that borrows a lot of English words. Of course most native English speakers are monolingual and can not blame them for being amused by superficial humour. 
I'm Chinese. It took me averagely over 1 minute per sentence to figure out what it talking about. LOL!
I couldn't read these pingyin? So could someone update mp3 files to read these aloud ?
The chinese is Cantonese, not mandarin..
I'm chinese~but I don't understand......
it`s chinese-english;cleaning automobile = wa shing car.not right = some thing wrong..
What's this? Sounds alien. 沒有這樣的中文, 閣下是從哪裏找的呀?可真會開玩笑啊。
The funniest part is it sounds more like English instead of even a bit of Chinese.
Great = 我操?
什么鸟,除了Fuking Super 能看出来
LMGOzzz dz so funny had me goin
+Mark Goodwin u suck this is funny .. chinks have funny accents so do a lot of people .. guess Jeff foxworthy aughtta quit that red neck stuff huh cuzz some redneck might get offended if we can't laugh and enjoy the world we live in that would suck my wife is "Mexican" and I'm "white" what ever that means and when she trys to speak English its f**** hilarious its so cute excuse my profanity ur prolly the kinda Nazi f*** who thinks he needs to tell people what to think and how to think it hiel Hitler fucko .. not sure where ur from but here in the U S we have the right to free speech .. ( we really don't but that's another story ) u have the right to suck and voice ur Nazi opinion funny people have the right to be funny ... PS I didn't read the intire post so I might o got ahead of myself .. oh well
Is this really the image you want to present to your business clients?
anyone else read the Chinese part like the waitresses at the restaurants lol. more pesi please
wow great ,whats n idea
Sounds more like presentations of Chinese speaking English to me
Dude, your Chinese teacher is an alien, report him/her to MIB!
AWESOME last comments :) +Diana Davidson i was the last 500th comments spot, not anymore :(, what just happen? :-)
lolz this is to funny but is it true?
i am a Chinese, but i can't read them. I think that is not Chinese. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i laughed my ass offf this is hilarious wow haha
Cat. E.
so much more in fas puk
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