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I received this in an email so I am not sure so old or accurate the numbers are but this is interesting!
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Blue and yellow for me lol
I've switched to Bing for porn, but Spell checking is still with Google.
There is not even a sliver for Google+?
Baba Ho
one more! to check whether you are connected to the internet or not.
Sun Rae
I only use the orange one, go smarticle people!
+Tim Noon from the looks of it .. I think the graph is only meant to quantitate (if that is a word - I should google it ;) "google search"
My uses for Google:
Email, RSS reader, Calendar, Social Network, App Store, Word Processor, Web Browser, Mobile OS, Watching Videos.

...wait, what? Google does SEARCH? ;)
If you want to autocomplete ".com" you can just type the domain and press CTRL+ENTER.
Spell checking more than porn? Doubt it 
+Yumit III Text editing programs suck balls compared to googles spell check. Also it takes 2 seconds to google something. 2 minuts to launch Word. I use it 20+ times a day to check spelling, i'm a tairable speller.
actually 29% of google use is for spell checking
I know I do! Sad thing is when Google can't determine the word I need spelled ;+0
I have a nice handy extension on my chrome.. Google Dictionary.. I love it.. double click any word any where on the web and you get the meaning.. ! works great for me
You forgot one... we also use alot to check if internet connection is good
Seems like a interesting and charming woman to me:)) Group Hug!
people use google for only spell check and prons (mostly)
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