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A good friend of mine, someone everybody loves to work for, has 14 (!) open jobs in Lausanne for geeks. He is looking for full time:

- System engineers
- Java Analyst Developers
- full stack Java Analyst Developers
- IT project managers
- Web content coordinators

Please DM/email if interested.

I like how, on one end, everybody talks about machine replacing humans and doing incredibly complex things, yet in 2017 it is still F"*ç%NG IMPOSSIBLE to hold a 4 people conference call without someone's line dropping five times, background noises, echo ruining the conversation, different volume levels, etc. It's incredible how we keep on differentiating the promises of technology (flawless, friendly, always working) and the actual way technologies behaves. We don't even notice how miserable the experience is sometimes, and that often if it works it's because WE HUMANS made the efforts and the compromises for things to more or less happen.

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This is how you would watch an eclipse in 1963, much more stylish than today.

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+Wired UK is holding their Security event next month, and as I accompany some of the speakers with their talks' preparation I can preview their content, and some incredibly deep and important topics are going to be discussed. There will be +Lucas Dixon from +Jigsaw showing the tools they create to make online debate safer and more productive, Caleb Barlow of IBM Security who will share insights gathered from accompanying dozens of clients through critical breaches, one of the directors of DeepMind who will present a new technique to empower users when it comes to controlling what happens with their data when it goes through machine learning systems. These people have their finger on the pulse of some of today's most interesting questions, come and hear them talk in London next month!

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If you don't know what this person's job is, you should probably listen to Paléofutur (in French) on the old fear of machines putting humans out of work. Audio on

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Political leadership at its best. Makes you wonder why so many people manically follow Trump's twitter feed when this kind of things happen. If I was a politician I would do this all the time, because in many ways it makes your life easier as it anchors you in reality. Field data is one of the most precious asset for someone who has to make decisions, and that can't be found in a capitol hill office.

"Back in March, just days before he was due by state law to select a third site for a new homeless resource center [...] McAdams left work on a Friday with no money or ID and walked to Salt Lake City's most troubled neighbourhood. Dressed in jeans, sneakers and a hoodie, the county mayor spent three days and two nights walking and sleeping among the homeless and drug-addicted in Salt Lake City."

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This morning on Paléofutur (audio in French), you can hear me talk about Miss Liberty, catholic Mass, +KissKissBankBank, +Kickstarter, and I might even have been recorded by +RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse signing on the air. This is one of the better episodes I think, one that shows you how much fun we had working on this project with +Antoine Droux.

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Seneca claimed in the 1st century that "the abundance of books is a distraction". And he was neither the first nor the last to complain about the impact of technologies on our lives.

In Plato's Phèdre, Socrates explains that the invention of writing "will produce forgetfulness in the minds of those who learn to use it, because they will not practice their memory."

In 1581 Francisco Sanchez estimated that 10 million years would not suffice to read every book ever written.

In 1881 George Miller Beard published "American nervousness" in which he accused the telegraph of being the cause of an epidemic of nervousness linked to the acceleration of the rhythm of life.

In 1936 Gramophone magazine warned against the effects of radio that supposedly prevented children from sleeping and made them restless and worried.

This week in Paléofutur (in French) we are talking about all these evils that our technologies are supposed to create, to make us think about the merits of today's fears about innovation.

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Matt Jones over at +Google is hiring a Senior Interaction Designer who will focus on the "UX of AI" in future products. Position can be in Seattle, Mountain View, or NYC, and looks like one of the most interesting jobs I've seen in a while.

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I'm about to launch a +200ideas dinner series in the French speaking part of Switzerland. The concept: a great location, 10 people, an inspiring speaker, and each guest gets to ask them one question. I have tons of ideas already, but I'm open to suggestions if there are people you would love to hear and meet in this region.

Note: if you are not already registered in the 200ideas mailing list, please add your name on
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