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Laurent “Lox” Dinclaux
Web developer, Ingress resistant
Web developer, Ingress resistant

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Is marching with weapons and shields, and racists slogans and symbols allowed in USA ?

I mean it isn't really marching, it is seeking for fuss and fight, right?
Because I cannot imagine such things being legal in a modern country, I wonder how many of does haters got arrested?

Also Donald Trump should say sorry because, with evidence, his speeches makes some poeple think that it is all right to do and claim what they do.

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Awesome ! We need more things like that.

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Trump supporters 6 months ago:
“There were no meetings with any Russians.”

Trump supporters 3 months ago:
“They just forgot to report the meetings with Russians.”

Trump supporters last week:
"There's no evidence of collusion with Russia!!"

Trump supporters 3 days ago:
"Who cares if the Trump campaign colluded with Russia?"

Trump supporters yesterday:
“It’s Obama’s fault for not stopping the meetings with Russians.”

Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow today:
“It’s the Secret Service’s fault for not stopping the meeting with Russians.”

Trump supporters tomorrow:
“Трамп собирается сделать Россию великой снова!”

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It has been quite some fun with @IAORANA. A 16h road trip to the Grand North of New-Caledonia, a great weather and a few MU later we were back home.

Thanks @IAORANA for the drive!

+Ingress #ingress #siterep #resistance #resistanceNC
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Last Hope initiative (L.H.I.) Op
Field Specs
Total Layers :112+13+5+3 = 133
Total MU: 392,037,227+(approx 17.5M)+31,278,829+53727= 440,869,783 MMU
Illuminators: 9 onyxes
Checkpoints: 9 so far.

There's a legend.....or so he likes to think.

For a long time +Cptn Kase has held the top spot for total MU collected in the RES community, and as a fellow fielder myself, he became a bit of a target for me to beat and a friendly rivalry was born.

While this rivalry was originally what sparked this plan (which TBH has been years in the making and been refined several times over), it grew into something so much bigger. There were some massive challenges to climb and feelings of accomplishment when they were overcome, but there were also times when all that would vanish in a moment and you felt like you were free falling away from everything you've built so far.

All these ups and downs are what shaped the field until finally it was in a position to be put in place and a date set. I wont go into detail about the tactical decisions around certain aspects but the plan was really well thought through. There was also many months of prep work that may not have looked obvious then, but must now to both factions.

The teams were gathered, flights booked and keys exchanges completed. Extra supporting Intel Operators were called in and everything was checked and double checked, making sure every eventuality was covered as much as possible. I will have to say I felt confident passing over the Op as I went overseas due to the awesome agents and friends that were involved.

I would like to make a few special mentions to a few agents first.
@Mrdamager Who was key in making contact and completing the key exchanges to our agents in Cobar.
+Chris Anderson (@M42) Who during his road trip helped so many times with clearing, vanguarding and generally turning things blue.
+Yufei Pan Who has literally been my right hand and helped sooo much from the beginning of implementing this op.

I would also like to thank everyone involved in any part of this Op. Including those who sacrificed their portals with blocking links hanging off them, those called upon in the last minute to clear or help build, those who farmed keys, those who travelled great distances and everyone for just helping me accomplish a long term goal of mine. Those include:
+moa iaorana
+Jon O
+Shaun OSullivan
+James Sugrono
+Tim Shirvington
+Arun Lambert
+Adrian Levi
+Daniel Koch
+Georgia Yam
+Jedd Rashbrooke
+Jenn Atk
+Mark Norton-Baker
+Serge Kovalenko
+Suz A
+Tom Rothwell
+Greg Taylor
+Jan R
+ many more

Thank you all for an awesome experience and hoped you all enjoyed it as well! :D
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Sydney under layers and layers of blue!
Quick Summary:
Total MUs Captured: 392,037,227
Total Fields Thrown: 112
Avg Field: 3.52 mil MUs
Badges: 9 Onyx Illuminators
Huge congrats to Agent +Do Wit who captured a total of 264,112,168 MUs last night. He now holds the No. 2 place for captured mind units in Australia with 377,200,317! Well done, Resistance!

[Edit to correct as 2nd place in AU for Illuminator]

+Ingress +Andrew Krug +Haerang Dong +Hilda Leung
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We may have lost Brisbane now as well. Another 13 layers and 31mil MUs.


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We may have lost Brisbane now as well. Another 13 layers and 31mil MUs.

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