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Laurent Boncenne changed his profile photo.

and now, off to figuring out how to best organize my circles....

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Share what you want / Get what you want

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There will be blood.

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need I add more?

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this is just full of truth and might well be the single reason why + will work.
Why i Like Google+

I can be a designer...
I can be a friend...
I can comment sports...
I can comment photography…
I can comment music...
I can comment TV...
I can comment movies...
and… I can write in two different languages.

And not bother you.

If I do all I mentioned above in Facebook or Twitter, i’ll be damaging important personal and professional relationships, because I’ll be spamming, instead of channeling it to the right… circle.

We’re not entitled, socially, to be that open, that wide, opinion wise. You’re asked to focus on a single one, and stick to it.

It may be dead in a week, who know’s? But they’re doing it right, and I can only hope the competition understands and improves upon it.

thinking it would be nice if you could somehow link a spark to a specific circle... that would be awesome!

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fun text decoration tips from a googler:

bold is with * *
strike is with - -
italics is with _ _
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