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As I noted today in:, Google's handling of this situation is correct. - Lauren
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From The New York Times
Google said it would not comply with a White House request to reconsider the anti-Islam video that has set off violent protests, saying it did not violate its terms of service regarding hate speech.
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+Jann Van Hamersveld There are no staging tactics necessary for censorship.  Google could have made it easier on itself by just blocking the video globally from the word go.  That this didn't happen that way is an object proof that they understand the nuances of the situation and are trying to deal with complexity in a responsible manner.
+Jann Van Hamersveld That part of the world is emerging from many decades of vicious dictatorships that suppressed all aspects of society, propped up by the West in the name of stability (and oil).  While violence can never be condoned, it also cannot be considered to be unexpected given the vast and sudden changes occurring in that region now, releasing pressures and conflicts that had been held back by dictators' whips for generations.  What that video did was purposely throw a lit match into a tinderbox, while even trying to blame innocent parties for its production.  
+Jann Van Hamersveld There is a school of thought that says that the more we evolve, and the more we realize how much we don't understand, the more powerful the pull of religion.  Between wars for religion, wars for land, wars for slaves, wars for gold ...and so on, mankind has turned vast rivers red with blood since the dawn of creation.  It is in the nature of man.  Perhaps if someday we actually do come into contact with an extrasolar civilization, and learn how they approached these issues, we'll gain the new data necessary to change this reality.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But don't hold your breath.
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