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YouTube Video Pick for Today: Batman & Catwoman: "What About Robin?"

In the original (1966-68) live action TV version of Batman, more than one actress portrayed Catwoman, but without a doubt Julie Newmar created the iconic role, in a costume and with mannerisms that set many a teenage boy's heart aflutter.

In this classic sequence, Catwoman is cornered by Batman, and considers finally reforming -- if Batman will do something in return. But this leaves a quandary -- "What about Robin?" - Scat! Darn Catwoman Part 3

Bonus Clip: Julie Newmar's Catwoman demands obedience from her henchmen! - Catwoman demands OBEDIENCE!
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I actually preferred Eartha Kitt's CatWoman...Not saying Julie Newmar was a slouch, though.
and is it sacrilege to bring up the Catwoman/en in the movies, first with Michelle Pfeiffer and then with Halle Berry in the "spinoff"? (which I vaguely remember I did kind of like, in spite of the bad reviews)
re-watching it now-- I have memories of watching Batman when it originally aired- I was a child ( and most TV was mediocre back then ) , but I didn't realize what a Comic Book it was! And the BAT HANKY ?! ! What a hoot!
Compared with most commercial television now, television back then was an art form.
True- Lauren, but it was more like theatre back them - now we have CGI and unbelievable special effects- and unbelievable budgets ( which doesn't replace great acting and good writing ) -- back them we had the early Twilight Zone episodes -- Those were some amazing shows- I still watch them today with my children.
yes I used to watch TV, including Batman, back then, as a kid in the 1960's, too. I sort of vaguely half-remember remembering, that I got kind of excited and fascinated, whenever Lois Lane, or Jane, or whoever the damsel in distress was, got captured and tied up by the bad guys.... (which usually happened in about every episode of about every show)
yeah not sure why I got the urge to "share" that here. thought you might get a laugh out of it. at my expense laugs are OK.
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