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The American Legislative Exchange Council, whose members include lawmakers and corporations, drafts legislation on which 1,000 bills introduced annually in state legislatures are based.
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Where "mixes" is a code-word for ownership.
For the umpteenth time, businesses have no right to set policy. America is supposed to be a democracy run by and for the people, not a terrifying fascist state run by and for Big Business. For the love of all goodness, vote for any politicians who commit to shutting this thing down in November!
+Wendy Cockcroft - We have abandoned democracy and adopted stakeocracy. That is the system that sets the loudness of the voice of a person or corporation in our political system according to the degree of "stake" that that person or corporation has in the outcome. Generally that "stake" is measured in financial terms.

So next time you hear someone use the word "stakeholder" - object to it because it usually means that industrial interests will run the system and that individual people will get scrod.
I've been calling it #corporatocracy , myself.
I own dogs and I never even thought of that one!
Ah, that's what it's called. I've been struggling to put it into context (could you tell?) but now I understand. Good book, highly recommended.
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