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Prometheus' issues have nothing to do with the fact that it's a prequel.

In any case, the original source material has had decades to gestate and mature in the minds of fans and pop culture.  Revisiting the world after all this time is hardly going to take that away.
Prometheus only shows why Prometheus didn't work (even though I thought it was pretty good). you think The Hobbit won't be as good as LOtR?
I don't think you can conclude anything about prequels working or not from Tolkien.  The Hobbit was written before the LOTR.

The post-LOTR Silmarillion can't really be considered a prequel either, as many of the essential elements predated the LOTR, and in fact, provided much of the richness and depth and sense of wonder in the LOTR.
+Torrey Hoffman you are correct...when it comes to books. Although I will also concede that many people had read Hobbit and/or LOtR before seeing the movie I would wager that far many more had/have not. For a majority, LOtR was first and Hobbit second no matter their correct order. Plus...we know the movies left out quite a bit (hello Tom Bombadill--spelling?) so while true to the books, for the most part, they are not the same and yet equally as good in their own respects. Therefore, I fully expect Hobbit to be equally as a movie prequel.
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