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This apparently is a newly translated version of the French Wikipedia article that France attempted to censor by threatening a non-associated Wikipedia volunteer in France.  And it wasn't lobbying -- it was direct threats.  See: (French) // Streisand Effect fully engaged.
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This wouldn't be surprising if it happened in China or Saudi Arabia.  It's an understatement to say it's outrageous that it happened in a supposedly free western democracy.
Nobody expects the French Inquisition
Paging Ms Streisand....

I'm not seeing any material in that article that should be at all objectionable.
"My hovercraft is full of.." Crap, that's the Hungarian codebook, where's my French book?
I wonder if fr.wikipedia has a page on Streisand effect.
This speaks of gross incompetence on the part of the spooks.
+Jim Douglas Good.  How the French government chooses to recover from this blunder may be interesting.  If they're intelligent, they'll STFU.
Press the Panic Button over at the Dee Sea Are Eye, I really hope that this "Learning Opportunity" was taken to heart by the org.The part that scares me is the Idea that some poor bastard could be shot as a spy for having information in the public domain. They are "hard men" with a hard job (like all spy services). Personally I'd suspect some dinosour brains pushed a decision onto the shop floor without checking the plans first.<milligan> Ahh haha! </milligan>
Urban F
I'm quite sure the Streisand effect is irrelevant in this case. This is about the principle.
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