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Green Kid Crafts: Honest review of a STEM/Arts & Crafts subscription box
Awhile back, our family decided to try out Green Kid Crafts , which is a cool subscription box for kids. You get a science & craft kit in the mail every month! Green Kid Crafts sends your family a box focused on STEM and arts and crafts , full of multiple p...
Overview & unboxing of a cool subscription box for kids, full of multiple projects for learning, experimenting, and crafting.
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I look a lot like him, too.
Procrastination from NaNoWriMo but a pleasant message.
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Fitting in fiber is fun with vitafusion™ FiberWell Fit (plus $100 giveaway!)
This is a sponsored post from vitafusion™ and BlogHer. Raise your hand if you're sure you ate enough veggies today. How many hands are up? That few, huh? I love emphasizing whole, natural foods in my diet — but as a busy homeschooling, work-at-home mama of ...
Enter to win $100 from vitafusion™ and learn about how to get more fiber in your diet the easy way!
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Little pumpkins at the pumpkin patch
Every year, we love to go to Stocker Farms for their Family Adventure Farm & Corn Maze. (See, for instance, here & here .) Here is our video diary of the harvest-themed fun: And, here, I made you some collages & other assorted photographic fripperies. And, ...
Annual trip to Stocker Farms for harvest and Halloween fun on the farm!
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Friendly skies at the Museum of Flight
We were a little goofy at the Museum of Flight. We were there — wait for it — with a library pass. Love those suckas! We definitely hammed it up as we dreamed of a car plane, boarded Air Force One, and blasted off to space. Plus learned a bit of physics on ...
Goofing off around airplanes, space shuttles, helicopters, & all manner of flying contraption!
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Museum of History & Industry: Much more fun than it sounds
I feel like MOHAI Seattle has an unfortunate name, because doesn't it sound like a snoozefest? But, no! It's one of our favorite museums, and we scored a free library pass. (Yes, we're all about the free library passes nowadays.) Here's a video of all our e...
Having a family day with the interactive exhibits at MOHAI Seattle.
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Have her in circles
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Bzzzz: Building Bristlebots at the Gadgeteers Club
We've been enjoying a new find: the Gadgeteers Club ! A friend posted about it on a Facebook homeschooling group, and we've been making the monthly trek out to Duvall for some engineering & technology fun. Our first time, we made Bristle Bots: They're like ...
Easy robots using a toothbrush, battery, and motor! STEM fun at the Duvall Northwest Art Center with KipKayKits.
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Karsten turns 1
I can't believe it. Can you believe it? One whole year since this little guy entered our lives? And he's growing and becoming so much more capable every day. Learning words and signs, practicing standing without support, brushing his hair (clumsily), brushi...
Happy first birthday to our third baby boy!
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STEM fun at the B&N Mini Maker Faire this weekend! #BNMakerFaire
I want to let you know about a fun, educational, & interactive event going on all weekend : the Mini Maker Faire ! Mikko and I have gone for several years now to this event created by Make Magazine, but this is the first year it's at Barnes & Noble stores n...
Go to the #BNMakerFaire this weekend for #STEM fun at Barnes & Noble. Here's a video of the great time we had!
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How to help kids carve a pumpkin (safely)
Over the years of helping our little pumpkins enjoy pumpkin-patch excitement, Sam has come up with a few tricks (treats?) for involving little kids in carving a jack o'lantern without losing any fingers in the process. You could go with just drawn-on pumpki...
Three treat-like tricks for carving a jack o'lantern with little ones!
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Great Wolf Lodge or Ok Raccoon Hotel?
Have you been to Great Wolf Lodge, the indoor water park-slash-hotel? We went for the first time this fall with a homeschooling group (fabulously discounted!), and it was a ton o' watery fun, even for our three non-swimmers. Here's a splish-splashy video: I...
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Family at the zoo
Off to the zoo! Watch our video footage of giraffe butts, zebra butts, hippo butts, tiger butts, penguin butts … a lot of butts, is what I'm saying. That doesn't make it any less fascinating. It's not every day you get to see WILD butts. Here are some of my...
Visiting to take as much footage as possible of animal butts.
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Writer & natural parent
Lauren Wayne, writer and natural parent. Riding the rails with my husband, Crackerdog Sam, and my two hobo boys: Mikko Lint Picker and Alrik Irontrousers the Land Pirate. Trying every day to parent intentionally and with grace.
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