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+Joseph Daquiz Thanks, JD... Wish they were mine! :)
These are actually photos of James Turrell's roden crater installation. I haven't been myelf, but loved the photo series (there are five, total- so these are the middle three...)
James Turrell! I would love to photograph his installations. That's a lovely collection of photos of a great art concept. 
+Robert Mann Thanks! I love his work, as well... I've been to a Skyspace installation at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art a few years back- an incredible, simple space- I think it's called Knight Rise... Stunning.
+Paul van de Loo Thank you- looks beautiful... looking forward to seeing more of your great shots from your next visit! :)
This is what I like... Nice colored Wall and black frames and with B/W pics... it's can be also smaller or little larger... Wonderful
+Leyla A. Roberson Thank you- I'm a fan of the minimalist, classic black frame, as well! Thanks for stopping by! :)
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