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Lauren Kelly
I do stuff. Mostly fun stuff. Sometimes boring stuff. But in general, lots of stuff.
I do stuff. Mostly fun stuff. Sometimes boring stuff. But in general, lots of stuff.

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+Alexander Kracht I thought you would enjoy this....
Originally shared by ****
There are few ways to replicate the majesty of the original arrangement on the organ. Here is one.

Fun fact: that's not artificial smoke. That's vapor resulting from having that much ego compressed into one room.

Attn: +Christopher Drew and +Richard Rohlin.
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I know misery loves company, but I'm mixed on Migraine Buddy adding a social bit "Share how you feel!"

I want to put an ice pick through my skull in an attempt to get some relief....That's about all I'm feeling right now....Is that something people commonly share? Do people have 'headache buddies'? *confused*
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Why does waiting for grades to post feel like it takes as long as the whole course took?

In other news - another class scratched off the list of requirements. Only 5 more to go........
Next up - Quantitative Methods for Information Systems

+Nina Piccoli wanna do maths with me? :D
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I'd like one of each, please and thank you
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Some great music here - although I'm slightly biased towards +Ken Ficara's work. Congratulations, Ken! Now go make some more pretty noises for us to listen to! :D
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+Mel Ginsberg​ and all my other homeschooling friend, I thought you might like this.
Originally shared by ****
Great apps for homeschooling (or just learning in general). We use more than half of these. Dragon Box is one of my all-time favorites for understanding the basics of algebra. A few of the recommendations on the list are stretching it, but others are great. I'd also add hoopla to this list. Our library card gets us free access to a huge repository of audiobooks that the kids can listen to on their devices.

What are some of your favorite educational apps? Know of any that are missing from this list?
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There is little better than ending your very.long.week by having all your project team join together and give a gigantic HEAVE-HO on things. Thanks so much +Dustin LeBlanc +Aaron Wolfe Brian Harrison and Kelly White. +Singlebrook Technology collects good peoples.
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I don't know what to add other than I don't know anyone who thinks that prison and mental health care go well together. They were never designed do, and do not have the infrastructure to support special needs.

I don't pass along many petitions, but this one is important to me (Masai is my cousin). I would truly appreciate it if you would take a look and hopefully sign.
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I can't say enough wonderful things about the WNYDUG group and their Mini-Camp.
Event url:

The Western New York State Drupal User Group (WNYDUG) is following up on the success of its first mini-camp last year with a carbon copy this year: Saturday 4/26/2014 at Holiday Valley Resort, Ellicottville, NY 14731.

This a not-for-profit event by WNYDUG. Members of any group and guests are welcome.

Details, suggested donation and advance registration is open now at . . . but hurry because THE EARLY BIRD RATE ENDS MARCH 9, and we reserve the right to limit registrations to room capacity.

Event info
The Western New York State Drupal User Group knows about your chronic winter. . . .

Get ready for a spring camp!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 26, 2014 . . . our second MINI-CAMP.

We trust it will be a little warmer than right now, still pre-DrupalCon, and a prime time to get some Drupal people together in a casual roundtable setting. Last year everyone loved the scenic view and top-notch conference facility, plus inn rooms at a discount rate for those traveling with family members, or not.

Here is the plan:

• One day only
• Late morning start (to accommodate travelers—free parking!)
• On-premises breakfast snack, lunch, and beverages (See ordering options below)
• Sessions and BOFs, like any other camp. (See proposal guidelines below)
• Wrap up by dinnertime
All G.d.o groups are welcome
Outside the regional scope of our G.d.o group, this event will mix in attendees from neighboring Drupal groups around the Great Lakes circuit. Cleveland is exactly three hours away; Toronto, just under three; Rochester, two.

Contact the Inn at Holiday Valley (800-323-0020) for a WNYDUG conference group rate of US$98/night. Mention this 4/26 Drupal event and ask them for details on this special rate, valid Friday and Saturday.

Lunch is included
Again we will have a variety of box lunch content, e.g., Chicken wrap or Veggie wrap or Deli sandwich. Have a preference? BY APRIL 17, please forward to jpw1116's contact form:

If you want to present a session, please put the proposed title as the subject and write a blurb ASAP in the comments at so we can all pick our favorites. Just vote up using the +1 option—it’s that easy!

The evening is young
We will be on our own for post-event gatherings in Downtown Ellicottville—restaurants and bars make it easy to split off and continue conversations through the evening:

Pose them in the comments at

Once more: Details, suggested donation and advance registration is open now at

Thanks in advance go out to our volunteers, Holiday Valley Resort and all participants from G.d.o.

See you in Ellicottville!
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I'm the type that on a long drive calculates just how much time is saved by going x mph.....
But my kids? Yeah, this is totally a convo they would have.
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