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If you are in NYC and work in the technology industry, please come to this anti-SOPA gathering outside our senators' offices next Wednesday. If 100 people re-share this post, I will show up in my cockroach costume (see my previous post).
Rally for the Future of Tech - Defeat SOPA and PIPA with the NY Tech Meetup and the New York tech community
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are you wall?..........
you are very cute and beautiful girl what is your country name and what is weather hot or cold now
hi-my name's Tien
i'm from Vietnamese
i am woking designer engineering construction.
i want speaking with
Testing testing - Is this thing on?
Lauren Indvik did u create instagram because if u did i need to talk to u about a couple accounts on there they are harassing my friend over and over saying stuff like they've had sex and she prego yet shes never met them and they have photos of her that they took. and its important to do something because its not my place to call the cops so i went to u so please responde its extremly important to deal with she's in 7th grade and these people could be any age so please help me and my friend
hi lauren nice to meet you  im abdul from morrocco 
.hi gud eve.miss Lauren.
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