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Throwback Thursday. #tbt
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cc +Moz
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For this #SaxSaturday I'm sharing a clever homage by Ron Blake to the classic "Mister Magic":
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A full moon hanging behind a lit Christmas tree makes the best ornament. 
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New Twitter Mobile App Analytics feature!

You can now see a tweet's analytics right in the mobile Twitter app!

Several data points such as how many clicked to expand your tweet + how many actual tweet views, too! And data updates in real time!

Excellent news for measurement. I'm going to be staring at my phone more. Heh.
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Are you a #copywriter ? Please take this important survey so we can better understand the nature of our industry.
If you are a copywriter or you hire them in any way, would you mind spending a couple minutes to answer this survey? The industry desperately needs more data. It's really important. Thank you!
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Just because you're a small business with limited resources doesn't mean you can't make a content marketing impact.

I share some tips on how to get content marketing done authentically in this interview with +Ronell Smith on +AuthorityLabs.

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Great points, Ronell. Taking a "just keep producing" approach to content marketing is grounds for failure. Planning for success takes work, and that's something that's so undervalued in a world where minutes are increasingly treated like hours.

Thanks for the excellent questions!
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Have her in circles
4,745 people
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How the Microsoft HoloLens Will Become the Future of Personal Computing

The skepticism is rampant and we're all leery of "revolutionary" tech coming out of Microsoft, but I think this has legs. My latest on +Big Fish Games.

What do you think? Fad or the future?

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+Lauren Hall-Stigerts If nothing else, I like that Microsoft is choosing to chart a (slightly) different path, not walk down one already colored by skepticism.

Google Glass's demise has given even the staunchest wearables supporters pause. If Google couldn't (or simply didn't) make it work, who could? Apple?

I think the real issue is companies are placing to much emphasis on what the technology enables people to do instead realizing what people (prospects) are trying to accomplish, then beating them to the spot. (The iPod and the iPhone are apropos examples.)

Companies, in so many ways, are like marketers: They spent too much time listening to/looking at/copying one another that they forget the real needs of the customer.

Great piece, Lauren.
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The social media guide to broadcasting conspicuous donut consumption. (Sorry, G+.)

Seen at +Blue Star Donuts.
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A web marketing colleague launched Storyform this week. It gives long form content a beautiful, media-rich layout to be displayed and enjoyed over the web. I took a look around the website, demos, and examples. Here are my first impressions:

True to the name, the clean and simple format with minimalist touches pulls your attention onto the page. The user interface emphasizes leisurely intake instead of hasty scanning through a mechanic that feels like you're flipping a magazine page instead of scrolling down a website.

Storyform has taken what writers have loved about Medium (focus on the content), added more formatting capabilities, and removed the biggest hurdle: being able to host this beautiful content on your own domain.

Content creators are free to create whatever content they want, in whatever voice they want, and at whatever quality level they choose. However, Storyform's top-shelf design demands more than the everyday piece of content. 

The demo on Storyform's website is spot on: the quality of images and the written word are high. Professional photography and third-person expositional writing showed what's possible. Then I switched over to early examples of how others use the tool; the fractures in amateur photography, emoticons, and casual blog-style writing were magnified. The design and content were incongruent.

Perhaps there's a learning curve to finding how your content fits in the context of this tool, or maybe Storyform should be reserved for the best we have to offer as content creators.

I have yet to give the tool a whirl but I'm looking forward to trying it out. You can create a free account to give Storyform a try, and their premium memberships are very reasonable.

Storyform is changing reading forever. Tell your stories in a beautiful magazine-like way on the web. Install our Wordpress plugin today!
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Nice! I'm friends with their marketing guy Rob Toledo. 
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I'm on +Max Minzer's #MaxImpact  Hangout this Thursday! I'm going to share some insight on finding your biggest fans through social media and empowering them to get the word out about your product or service.

#socialmedia   #marketing  
+Lauren Hall-Stigerts, marketing consultant with, is back on #maximpact  to discuss leveraging social media for advocacy. We'll learn how Lauren helped raise $1.3M for a Kickstarter through social media and how to find your biggest fans and empower them to get the word out about your product or service.

Questions you'd like to see asked?
Leave comment here or on social media with hashtag #maximpact
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Max Minzer. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Social Media for Advocacy w/ Lauren Hall-Stigerts - Max Impact Ep. 098
Thu, November 6, 2014, 4:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Still looking for a #Halloween costume? Here are a few last-minute ideas to jog your brain, inspired by video games.

#costumes #videogames
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Lauren Hall-Stigerts

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I'm still wrapping my head around this post - it's a very thorough account from +Mike Arnesen about using semantic analytics to track ROI. #smart  
Rarely do I use the notification option in Google+, but I really would love for you to check out my latest post on +Moz.  

I've been experimenting with some crazy ideas lately about using Google Tag Manager to bring semantic data into Google Analytics as custom events and dimensions. Not only does this let SEOs like us track the ROI of implementing structured data (this makes it easy to segment out pages w/ semantic markup vs. those w/o) but it allows us to leverage the semantic markup we already have in place to make our analytics data more valuable. 

I'd love for you to check out the post and let me know what you think.
Mike Arnesen shares how to use Google Tag Manager to track the ROI of your site's structured data. Plus, learn how to leverage your markup to produce "semantic analytics."
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Have her in circles
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Online Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing Gal Consulting
    Owner, 2012 - present
  • SEOmoz
    Marketing Communications Manager, 2010 - 2011
  • Talisma / nGenera / Moxie Software
    Marketing Communications Manager, 2008 - 2010
  • ChemPoint
    Marketing and Sales Intern, 2006 - 2007
Basic Information
Looking for
Marketing, clarinet & sax, golf, dressing up in superhero costumes. Not simultaneously. Usually.
Hi! I'm Lauren, a native of the Seattle area and outgoing geek. Some stuff about me:
  • My background is in marketing, and specifically, marketing communications.
  • I've been cosplaying at anime/video game/comic conventions for over ten years now and have portrayed more than 15 characters.
  • I've been playing the clarinet and saxophone for >20 years and play in the Washington Wind Symphony. My favorite music to play is jazz (especially latin).
  • It's okay... you can call me a loose-leaf tea snob. I love tea from the far east and have even taken a Japanese tea ceremony class in college. I want to return to it someday. I'm particularly fond of sencha and matcha.
  • I'm a lifelong gamer. I bonded with my brothers over NES when I was 5 years old, and I met my husband in an MMO puzzle adventure game. I don't have as much time these days to play games as I did when I was younger, but I try to find time where I can.
  • I don't have a lifestyle that's conducive to owning a pet, but when I do, I want a pug. I REALLY want a pug. They're adorable and have fantastic personalities.
  • University of Washington
    BA, Business Administration and Marketing, 2006 - 2007
  • Bellevue College
    Associates, Business Administration, 2001 - 2005
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Kirkland, WA
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Mindy at Ming's Zen Gallery was extraordinarily helpful and friendly - she's doing exactly what she's passionate about. Ask her about Asian culture and she'd be happy to share the knowledge she has accumulated. She gave me tea, was warm and friendly, and invited me to browse the large and airy shop in Totem Lake. I bought a 1920's Japanese chabako (tea tool transportation box) filled with tea bowls, a water ladle, mizukashi (water vessel), natsuke (tea powder caddy), and more. She even gave me a special figurine on my way out the door. I'll definitely be back!
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I purchased my Toyota from another dealership but have used this dealership for recall fixes. Friendly service and nice perks like shuttle service and baked goodies in the wait room. However - I wish I could take it all back. I would've never taken my car here for recall fixes if I knew what was in store after I walked off the lot: I'm bombarded with emails, mail fliers, and phone calls. Car buy backs. Coupons. Seasonal sales. Upgrades. It never ends. They're constantly marketing to me despite my many requests to be taken off of their lists. I've called them and requested to be removed. I've submitted non-mail requests through an app called Paper Karma. I've tweeted at them. I've reported them for spam. I've gone into my online profile and have opted out across the board THREE TIMES. I don't know what it's going to take for them to stop contacting me. I'm a marketer who knows how to market well. This is horrible marketing. Perhaps the only thing that will make it stop are negative reviews - but I doubt it. PROVE ME WRONG, TOYOTA OF KIRKLAND.
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SCREAMIN' fast service! I ordered four pairs of socks and they were at my door in less than 24 hours. WITH FREE SHIPPING. Now THAT'S service!
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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