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Hey NYC tech CEOs/Founders, we are having our Annual Cereal Entrepreneurs Holiday Dinner Party for startup CEOs/investors THIS WEDNESDAY (tomorrow night). Cereal Entrepreneurs has been bringing together its membership group of 700 founders/CEOs/VCs and Angels for 6 years now. We are an fun, informal non-networking group of likeminded people.  
Please Email me: for an invite. 

What can you do to get the SEC to release the JOBS Act equity #crowdfunding rules?

Quiz: "I'm now getting emails at a level that I can't respond to everyone. This is an automatic response to an email you sent to" Who is this famous personality?

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An interesting and nuanced piece on the SEC's proposed rules to allow for Crowdfunding of Startups. Go here to submit your vote to the SEC.

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Fascinated by the convergences in genes, bionics, business, politics--and everything? Come for cocktails & hear about @Duncade's launch of ARCFusion (a conference dedicated to the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine). THIS COMING Tuesday (in SF) and Thursday (NYC): 

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Not lesser! Cuter.
Lesser Goldfinches, a cute couple...
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