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Laurel Papworth

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EDUCATION: Social Media Measurement and Analytics Workshop: Melbourne Feb 25 2016 #socialmedia   #measurement   #workshop   #Melbourne   #Education   #eduau  
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Laurel Papworth

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Anyone know when the #Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K will be available please? #bHPhotoVideo
#Photography #video #photos #filming
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Keep. At beautiful. Smile. Go very. Beautiful. 
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Laurel Papworth

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I'm thinking of doing a #Blab (free, live webinar). on Thursday morning. But what on? what should it be about? I dunno. Anyway you can follow me on Blab if you are so included :) #socialmedia   #tips   #onlinecourses  
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Am from Nigeria in Africa and you
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Laurel Papworth

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$12 SOCIAL MEDIA COURSES X100's. America is having it's funny ol' Black Friday sales. For example, there are hundreds of #socialmedia courses available on Udemy for $12-$19 this week (tho some are free, many more are $299 etc). If you've ever thought of trying an online course on YouTube Rankings, or Instagram Ads or Social Media Campaign or Pinterest or Google Plus or Facebook Foundation (mine!) or Periscope or Vine or Snapchat or ... well you get the general idea, $12-$19 is not bad. Lemme know if you try one and how it went? :) #socialmedia   #course   #onlinecourse   #free   #BlackFriday  
Become a social media maven with online courses that can increase your social media presence. Create a strategy and use networking sites to the fullest.
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Laurel Papworth

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Want to be an author? All about tools & outsourcing Kindle & iBooks etc $9 course #author #writing #publishing by my friend Anneke Camstra​ as well. Lots of great information for $9 (her offer this week).  Happy to pass this one on :) xxx <3 
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Hi Laurel,
My name is Monica Jones Blanchard. I' a close friend of Johns'. Yes, I' m so interested in writing a book. I would love, for u to send me a few pointers on how to start. Thanks' tell me how u know John please. 
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Laurel Papworth

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At 12pm (about an hour from now) I'm doing a free webinar on Financial Services #FinServ  and #SocialMedia  with hidden areas (not well known) of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and some Google Plus goodness for #financialservices  people. Anything you think I should especially cover?  You can join me here
MPA Business Education is a new series for the mortgage and finance industry that focuses on professional development and business strategy insights for brokers. In partnership with ANZ, MPA will host 4 x 1 hour FREE online learning modules addressing the most crucial areas of business growth ...
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Aslam noor
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Laurel Papworth

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On the train organising my bookmarks for my LinkedIn​ course today. What am I missing? - I have : Profile, Company/Showcase Pages, Sponsored & Advertising e.g Campaign manager, 3rd party apps, LinkedIn analytics, creating and managing a LinkedIn Group, Managing Connections and also Premium accounts, Linkedin algorithms etc. +Centre for Continuing Education  #LinkedIn   #course   #sydney   #socialmedia   #workshop  
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Prominence in search data / relevance.
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Laurel Papworth

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Running a workshop tomorrow on #BigData for #PR in Sydney. Should be fun. The frameworks, tools and etc. #prchat #publicrelations 
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Am nkem
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Laurel Papworth

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The new TV regulations (Dec 2015) allow TV shows to troll the viewers by presenting one side (usually extremist). Think of Pauline Hanson and her rant on Muslims or A Current Affair attack on women on welfare. We need solution not problem journalism? What shows do you watch that are a solution (panels, podcasts etc) rather than a problem (ranty guests causing shock jock furore)? 
3.4.2 Nothing in this Section 3 requires a Licensee to allocate equal time to different points of view, or to include every aspect of a person’s viewpoint, nor does it preclude a critical examination of or comment on a controversial issue as part of a fair report on a matter of public interest. 3.4.3 Current Affairs Programs are not required to be impartial and may take a particular stance on issues. - See more at:

#socialmedia   #media   #australia   #regulations   #TV  
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I have 3abn[[3 { Anglesbroadcastimg network ]
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Laurel Papworth

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$10 COURSES I forgot about Black Friday - I opted in on +Udemy then blanked it. It actually started a few days ago. Anwyay:  All my #socialmedia courses [ #Facebook   #Twitter #Campaigns #Strategy] are $10 until next weekend! #BlackFriday #Udemy #course   #onlinecourse  
Quick Update: Black Friday 2015. ******* I completely forgot that Udemy has a Black Friday program and that I agreed to participate. So all my c
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hi. mrs Laurel papworth how are you? I am from Bali island indonesian country. nave a nice day
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Laurel Papworth

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My friend Anneke Camstra​ has a sweet little animation course for $9 - learn how to choose the best outsourced animation etc  She has a bunch of animation courses for anyone interested in animating thingies or in online courses in general. +Udemy  #friend #onlinecourse #animation  Interesting to anyone who wants to understand #Fiverr   #Upwork   and about 15 other sites as well. 
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Laurel Papworth

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Yay? :p
I used social data to predict how and when Kanye West will launch his new album #SWISH 
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Sydney Social Media Australia Education & Workshops. Training and Keynote Speaker.
online community, social media, Facebook, Twitter, community management, blogging, trainer, workshops
  • Community Crew
    SilkCharm, 1989 - present
    online community management, virtual forums and BBS, games and developer communities and social media management and training. CEO, founder, dogsbodu.
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is SilkCharm. Sydney Social Media workshop, Australia
Teaches Social Media at University of Sydney (since 2005). Sydney social media goddess. @SilkCharm. Runs Social Media Workshops, gives Keynote Presentations on Online Communities, writer/publisher on Social Networks. 
About Laurel Papworth
  • Forbes Magazine "Top 50 Social Media Influencers" 
  • Marketing Magazine named Laurel Papworth "Head of Industry, Social Media" for Australia
  • AdAge named Laurel in the Power150 bloggers globally, and named Laurel in the "most influential 50 women on Twitter".
  • CEO of The Community Crew setting up online communities on forums, Facebook etc and managing them including Everquest, Ultima Online, Westpac Bank, Junior Masterchef TV show, Middle East Broadcasting (women's online community), Singapore Military, journalists with The Australian newspaper
  • been running virtual online communities since the late 1980's including virtual worlds and forums
  • teaches workshops on online community management, social media press releases, Facebook marketing, increasing your Twitter reach, and socia media monitoring and measurement to Governments, Corporations, small business and not for profits in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Middle East. 
  • teaches or has taught over a number of years at Uni of Sydney, Australian Film TV and Radio School, UWSYD, Metro Film School on social media and social entertainment and online community marketing and communications.
  • the author of Social Media Monetization and other books on social media and online community management including one that has been translated into Thai by the Thai Government.
  • Has a level 85 Fire Mage in World of Warcraft and can often be found there running screaming from monsters.
More importantly, I like ice skating, weekends in the mountains and hot cups of tea, skim milk, no sugar please. Oh, ok, just one bikkie.
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Studied Italian in Milan, Arabic in Fes, Bahasa in Jakarta, Dutch in Amsterdam. Forgot 'em all except the swear words. Of course.
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Disappointed. Wanted to charge me $12 for a slice of bacon and 2 pcs of toast. I declined And that's locals prices! #touristtrap
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