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Laureen L Curry
Works at Pediatric Speech-Language and Literacy Services
Attended University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Laureen L Curry

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An organic transition where food should be a neutralized nurtured territory growing across all political-ethnic non boundaries! Michelle for President 2020!

Laureen L Curry

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High Blood Pressure May Limit Children’s Cognitive Skills, Study Suggests - The New York Times

Laureen L Curry

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Extreme Kudos to Hilfiger and other clothing companies who are modifying cool-kid's clothes for ease of self dressing. There's nothing like INDEPENDENCE for these kids, looking forward to a time they can self-do and look cool! BRAVO!

Laureen L Curry

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Beware those of us who sit at Starbucks etc and work away! Somebody can connect and cyber attack!

Laureen L Curry

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Of course reading struggles affect home life, talking life, presentation life, cultural life and life choices; but, finding early passions, celebrating them, and cultivating them can truly turn around parents and their children!

Laureen L Curry

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Dr.Hallowell, well known highly motivating psychologist, ADHD et.all and many more valuable sessions will be highlighted at this conference open to parents!

Get involved and educate thy selves so you are aware of guiding principles, and best practices!
Come to Baltimore in February 2017. LDA's mission is to create opportunities for success for all individuals affected by learning disabilities and to reduce the incidence of learning disabilities in future generations. LDA believes everyone can succeed at school, at work, in relationships, ...

Laureen L Curry

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Do not test out! Face the music! Be part of the national intent: we need to @readbyeyeandear
Leaders of a growing “opt out” movement against standardized tests lost a major battle under the nation’s new education law, but the groups are still challenging the law’s minimum-participation thresholds.

Laureen L Curry

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Laureen L Curry

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Eliminating meat is not that challenging: many cultures develop brilliance, strength and creativity despite thinking that animal protein is necessary#lighterculture#hamptoncreek#gatesfoundation
And despite eating less meat, women still bear many of its costs.

Laureen L Curry

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History must be preserved. Our kids need to see , touch and be amazed through stories and visuals. Please preserve.
A critic fears for some architectural treasures as the agency nears a decision on which potential landmarks to erase from its slate.

Laureen L Curry

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Sometimes science teachers want to
know about the language they should use to teach their elementary and middle school kids. Just use the evidence, the facts I say!
The current warming trend is very likely mostly human-induced and proceeding at an unprecedented rate in the past 1,300 years.
Specializing in the circle of learning : the spoken to reading continum
PSLLS was founded to support the CIRCLE of LEARNING for any age: beginning with the sharpening of auditory discrimination, the elongation of the eye gaze to facilitate joint attention, the encouragement for the reciprocal ‘dance’ so that spoken and eventually written language may grow. PEDIATRIC SPEECH-LANGUAGE & LITERACY SERVICES, LLC evolved over 30 years becoming a special place where evaluations, practice sessions and consultations continue in Northern Westchester NY, and NYC, and now offered in Danbury, CT as well.  Here, you as parents and professionals have the opportunity to acquire, and share evidence-based language and non-verbal language practices to maximize communicative competence within a cozy home office, the comfort of your own home, or your place of work. Dependent on age, using rich play, blended technology, and the essentials of the core curriculum. PSLLS is dedicated to be family focused providing academic and social carryover as well as providing information to the community and beyond. COMING THIS FALL:  check for UPDATES at     WORKSHOPS, PROGRAMS and  BOOK CLUBS for PARENTS/professionals:                                                                                    **to demystify the evaluation and treatment process  **How to sharpen the ears, eyes, memory and phonological processing through blended technology ** Toddler Talk Time  for late talkers **Getting Ready to Read as a FAMILY: the Spoken to Print Journey ** Middle School Masters Give us ideas- titles of books- your concerns: all fair game for informal gatherings to s h a r e relevant helpful information about growth and learning.  twitter@Readbyeyeandear
Bragging rights
"...Ms. Curry gently took me and my husband from casually being involved and not really understanding our son's delay to being more informed, positively concerned and helped us to become fully engaged with his development..."
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Commication Disorders Masters of Science, 1972 - 1974
    Majored in Language Science including Psycho-Linguistics Social Linguistics, Developmental Language Language and Reading Science Minored in Psychology
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Speech-Hearing Pathology BScience, 1968 - 1972
    Majored in Speech Pathology including : Neuro-Cognitive Pathology: Developmental aphasia Dysarthria, Apraxia Bio-genetic: ASD Cluttering/ stuttering Minored in Psychology
Basic Information
Other names
Leffkowitz Curry
Certified by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHLA) and Licensed in CT and NYPrivate Practice offering home and office services for evaluation, treatment, consultation and parent coaching in a fun, creative, energetic style always evidence-based using oral motor placement, visual supports, blended technology embedded in highly social language presentations.
Assessments with reports for speech-language delay: language processing issues; joint attention, atypical play patterns, executive function monitoring for planning and self-regulation, spoken and written language.Programming for the above with the family in mind where observation is always welcomed and engagement envouraged!Expert witness reportsConsultations for private schoolsIEP Implementation and advocacy
  • Pediatric Speech-Language and Literacy Services
    specialist for specific language challenges; dyslexia, auditory processing, ASD high levels, 1981 - present
  • Burke Rehabilitation Center, White Plains, NY
    preschool-adult language speech and language pathologist, 1976 - 1982
  • Easter Seal Rehabilitiation- Bridgeport, CT
    medical pediatric sp-language pathologist, 1974 - 1976
  • Madison WI Public Schools
    student clinician, 1970 - 1972
  • Rye Learning Center
    Speech- language -spoken and written language specialist, 2012 - 2013
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Contact Information
1-203-628-7305 CT
9 Lake Pl Danbury, CT 06810
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