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Laura van de Vorst
Nourish, love, and grow. Become your best version!
Nourish, love, and grow. Become your best version!

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What an honour! Bebetta Campeti – true soulpreneur, green goddess and founder of +Aurora Festival di Natura e Spirito – has written an inspiring article on +The Green Tribe about #spirituality and the connection between our #body and #mind .

:: When we live a little bit more #mindful , we make better decisions. When we trust our unconscious, the intangible, the spirit of the #earth , our generation has the ability to make a giant leap forward ::

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YEAH! Today I Launched +The Green Tribe is NOW LIVE & free to roar in the digital jungle!
As of TODAY The Green Tribe is LIVE! | Powered by healthcoachFX #health #wellbeing #blog

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"‪#‎Millennials‬ appear to be more interested in living lives defined by ‪#‎meaning‬ than by what some would call happiness. They report being less focused on financial success than they are on ‪#‎making‬ a ‪#‎difference‬.
When individuals adopt what we call a meaning mind-set — seeking ‪#‎connections‬, ‪#‎giving‬ to others, and orient themselves to a larger ‪#‎purpose‬ — clear benefits can result, including improved psychological ‪#‎wellbeing‬, more ‪#‎creativity‬, and ‪#‎enhanced‬ work performance."

Great Sunday Read :) 

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Today's release: The healthcoachFX promo!
  #Launch   #january2014    #Netherlands

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