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Lots of Oculus news!
We’re pleased to announce that three key computer vision acquisitions are joining Oculus - Nimble VR, 13th Lab, and Chris Bregler!

Learn more about these exciting additions to Oculus:

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Nice to see a "to the point" discussion on bias.
Carol Frieze at CMU found this video for us when we were looking for ways to improve our Ph.D. admissions process.  Clear, concise, and worth the time watching for anyone in a position of evaluating candidates/peers.  I'm grateful to Prof. Correll and Stanford for making it available, and I hope we're able to incorporate its lessons effectively into our admissions process.  Any other favorite evidence-based best practices I should check out?

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Chris Atkeson, who's research inspired Baymax from Big Hero 6, is taking things a step further to fund building an actual Baymax and you can help:

"CMU (us) are going to build a real Baymax. Or at least a useful personal health care companion robot.
Please Help!
We could make Build Baymax an open source effort, or something like a Benefunder, Tilt/Open, or Kickstarter campaign (any advice on the relative merits of these approaches would be appreciated). One model is the campaign to repair the USS Constitution. We want to gauge public interest before deciding what to do. Please send email to if you want to work. Or just send money."

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Couple the speech below with the following NYT Op-Ed piece and all of a sudden you realize we live in a very scary world
I'm not a scientist
"We've got to make sure that women control their own health care choices. Not their boss, or their insurer, and certainly not any politician. It’s funny, if you ask a Republican in Congress if they believe in climate change, they say, well, uh, I’m not a scientist.
“I’m not a scientist” - that’s what they say. But when it comes to a woman’s right to choose, suddenly they’re a doctor."

~ President Obama ~

#womenrights   #healthsecurity  

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Google Doodle stats: "For the first seven years, we celebrated exactly zero women. Between 2010 and 2013 we did a little better: women accounted for about 17 percent, men of color 18 percent, women of color an appallingly low 4 percent; 62 percent of the honorees were white men."
"Awareness will help us discover, debug, innovate, pilot and scale solutions to our cultural deficits." Read more from +Brian Welle, who leads our Unconscious Bias efforts, and former Googler and current CTO of the United States, +Megan Smith 

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I know a few folks that happily use windows phones so here's a good app to try. When I was a lowly undergrad +Peter Shirley convinced me inadvertently that the white plastic mac books are worth the investment over the beefier laptops out there.  Maybe I'll give windows phones a chance. 
If you have any friends that work at Microsoft (I know you do!), they might be interested in my app discovery strategy where Windows Mobile is first class native app.

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good mood for the DSM-5!

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Brand new work from +Alyosha Efros  who is, as the +The New Yorker  calls him, a "philosophically inclined professor". 

The video bellow tells us that the work on the AverageExplorer is of course motivated by modern art. From the same video, you might also observe that someone has a penchant for Paris... or maybe shoes? 

And here is the link to the video:
AverageExplorer: Interactive Exploration and Alignment of Visual Data Collections

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Who cares cropping your pictures beautifully. You should care about uncropping them!
A fun ECCV paper from Qi Shan.
Video below, our web page here:

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Tada! Tracking the human body for VR applications such as rendering plausible avatars is a really hard problem. 
Look at that accurate finger motion :)  impressive that compositing works so well. 
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