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Laura Strong
Run a private biotech company focused on developing EVade RNases as cancer drugs
Run a private biotech company focused on developing EVade RNases as cancer drugs

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Have you been missing the chance to talk biotech in Madison? Maybe you need a little post-Labor Day networking? The BioForward Summit is on Wednesday September 16, and we've arranged a 50% discount on registration fees for Biotech in WI Meetup members. See the link for details.

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Good news for us (and hopefully patients after translation to the clinic) - and you can learn science from a cartoon :D 
At Quintessence, we have been very interested in a biomarker that could help us select cancer patients for our innovative RNase therapies. Recently Professor Raines, one of our founders, determined that Globo H binds to RNase 1. In addition to his paper, there is a great illustration from O'Reilly Science Art.

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Looking for bio/health tech events in Madison? Suggestions for August & September!

The Forward Festival is just around the corner (August 20-27), so we wanted to share a handful of the 34 events of particular interest to the bio/health tech crowd.
(If you are in for multiple events, consider the Forward Pass, and this code to get 33% off S6W7xQSG )

August 21: Madison Health Tech Hobnob
If you are in health tech, this event will be a good opportunity to interact with the folks at HealthX Ventures as well as some of their portfolio companies.

August 25: Pitch Night: Includes Pressure Chamber, Zendesk Happy Hour, and Startup Showcase
One evening, three events, one location (Monona Terrace)! We can confirm that these pitches will include both health and biotech presenters. Arrive on time for Pressure Chamber to vote on presenters and stick around to learn about other innovative Madison companies in (more than!) Startup Showcase.

August 26th: Clash of the Titans Tech Trivia
Don't let the name fool you! Last year, there were plenty of biotech questions as well as participants. Bring your own team or join another to answer questions, do hands on challenges, and of course enjoy Coopers Tavern.

August 27: Capital Entrepreneurs (CE) Open Social
Curious about entrepreneurship in Madison? The open social provides laid back atmosphere to talk with entrepreneurs about the community, their business, and more.

And be sure to mark your calendar now for September:
Biotech Happy Hour on September 3rd 
BioForward Bioscience Summit September 16th

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With all the recent talk about blood testing (courtesy largely of Mark Cuban), I recently wrote a post from my personal experiences combined with cancer drug development perspective:
Blood: Underappreciated Resource in the Health/Disease?

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Great news for cancer drug developers: Novel Targets Podcast has launched courtesy of Sally Church and Pieter Droppert. Access is free & there are already sessions up!

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A new post: Precision in Oncology: Using Macro & Micro. Can improving data capture & mining of macro data (ex: tumor location) lead to better outcomes?

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What does "patient centric" mean for pharma/biotech? I shared some thoughts for "Re-Imagining the Future of the Life-sciences Industry" in the most recent issue of PharmaVOICE 

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Very cool science video of a cytotoxic T cell killing a cancer cell. Courtesy of Alex T. Ritter (part of Celldance 2014 from American Society for Cell Biology)

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The T cell vs. Mr. T cell - great throwback graphic!

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New blog post: We All Need a Risk Framework, where I reframe the risk portion of Marks' investment book "The Most Important Thing" to the viewpoint of entrepreneurs (and management).
"There are few things as risky as the widespread belief that there’s no risk." - Howard Marks
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