What an innocent proposal can turn into, or BlitzVilnius

Vilnius Resistance celebrated the first day of summer with a blast. In an operation, which received the name BlitzVilnius, the town was covered with a 270K MU blue blanket. Three layers went through the checkpoint, with approximately 886K MU, establishing a strong Resistance lead in this cycle.

It all started the day before, when one smurf invited another to "clean-up the neighborhood". Next afternoon, while discussing the clean-up plan, an idea came up to have some fielding. One thing led to another, and it appeared that "it would be so easy to cover Vilnius". A plan was thrown together in mere hours and enough participants rallied to execute it in one swift move.

21.00 checkpoint was chosen as a target. The keys were exchanged on the way home from work, and by 20.45 all agents were in their starting positions. The cleaning took no more than 10 minutes from the first Jarvis to the first field. The biggest number of layers was 4.

After the checkpoint the fields were taken down to maximize MU with that little number of keys that we had. Two agents secured their onyx illuminator medals as a result. At the time of writing, two blue layers are still up above Vilnius, and probably can survive until the next checkpoint.

Coincidentally, the frogs in Kaunas decided to have some fielding too, leaving Lithuania with two big fields, one of each color (229K green vs. 269K blue).

Congratulations to @susivienijimas and @kamiccolo on their onyx badges. Participants: planning and organization @Imantas404, cleaning @1D34, @INeedMoreTime, @sooriz, @trajakas289, @xestobium, @ZverynoAgentura. A special nod to @orto21 who helped to take down important cross-links near Trakai on his first day upon joining Vilnius RES community.

#RESWUEisAwesome #IntelIsNotACrime #Ingress #OPS #Sitrep
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