The Links Go South East

One agent saw an opportunity, a few others joined in, and just like that the capital city of Lithuania was covered in 12 blue layers worth 3 310 309 MU combined.

As it has already become customary, this fielding started with a joke "let's make Pavilnys blue". When a preliminary plan was passed around, it turned out that there were enough keys scattered in the community to make at least 10 layers.

The 21.00 checkpoint was chosen unwillingly for the possibility of swift reaction from the ENL. However, it proved to be the right choice after all. The last details of the plan were worked out while on the road, and the show started right after 20.00.

The cross-links were taken down in a series of coordinated moves, and it took mere minutes from the moment the agents made themselves apparent on the map, to the moment the first field was cast.

The linking phase was lengthy as the portals in the western corner were somewhat apart from each other, but everything went smoothly and all 12 planned layers were finished 3 minutes before the checkpoint. The layers ranged from 267.5K MU to 286K MU. Two agents got their Platinum Illuminator badges.

After some time a lone green player woke up in Elektrėnai, wandered about, destroyed 3 inner layers and was gone again. However a total of 9 layers stood through the next checkpoint and are still standing at the time of writing.

Participants: @Imantas404, @jDeuv, @sooriz, @orto21, @INeedMoreTime.

#RESWUEisAwesome #IntelIsNotACrime
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