100 fields to celebrate 100 years

This week the Republic of Lithuania is celebrating 100 years of the Restored State of Lithuania. On February 16, 1918 the Council of Lithuania signed the Act of Independence and proclaimed re-establishing an independent state, based on democratic principles and severing all previous links with other states. While various celebrations are happening all around the country (http://www.lietuva.lt/100/en), the Resistance agents from Kaunas and Vilnius with a help from Belarus made a multi-layer of 100 fields over the town of Kaunas and dedicated it to the 100 years of Lithuanian State.

An idea forms into a plan

Having more than one big and challenging operation under the belt (https://goo.gl/3U64ka, https://goo.gl/qHUJme) creates this pressure to always surpass the past achievements. For a long time "100 layers" was some sort of tempting yet unapproachable dream. However, the forthcoming 100 year celebration added an incentive to explore it.

The plan overcame several iterations and various configurations were tried out. At first, not one of them gave a satisfactory result, and for a while it seemed that the limit for Kaunas is 80 layers. The breakthrough was made by extending the previous 61 layer plan (https://goo.gl/MD89Fv) further south-east until it hit Лі́да. As a nice coincidence, this town once was an important center of craftsmanship and trade of the medieval Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Due to unfavorable angles instead of 21+14 portals in the inner corners only a total of 25 were usable, but with several smaller anchors found in between they proved to be enough.

The execution

This undertaking got a lot of attention and willing participants. The only CP suitable for everybody was February 12 01.00, thus the date was sealed. The keys were exchanged only one day prior the fielding. On the eve, the teams started gathering at 22.00, and most of the clearing work went as planned. 40+ agents resolved 180+ alerts cleaning almost 600 km worth of linking lanes. The first fields were established just after the midnight and to make all the magic happen 7 linking teams created more than 200 links.

That night fate and luck was on our side. A few layers of the planned 108 were lost due to various reasons – small inaccessible cross-links, linking order errors, etc., – and the result was exactly 100 fields. The planned CP sealed only 58 layers (about 11M worth of MU), and the others were finished 20 minutes later. However, they did survive until the morning’s 6.00 CP giving Lithuanian Resistance a new record to brag about – 100 layers through the checkpoint, scoring 21M MU for Kaunas cell.

So, Kaunas…

The operation has put Kaunas into the spotlight, and rightfully so. The Act of February 16 proclaimed Vilnius as the capital city of Lithuania; however, during the interwar period (from 1920 until 1939) it was Kaunas that became the residence of Lithuanian government while Vilnius was under Polish control. Also, the original of the Independence Act was kept in Kaunas until it disappeared in 1940 when Soviet Union occupied the country.

The Participants

It was clear from the start, that to make that many layers, one of the main anchors will be outside Lithuanian territory. A big thanks and congratulations to our Belarusian friends for collecting the keys and participating: alexBerk , AlexGott, ellenkelly, fischer2ew, garmoniya , lansser, lemmingby, myosothys and TheXAH!

Participants in Lithuania: astamis, bandytojas, Chateux, donciugas, Dzedajus, DzeimsasLT, dziunguciai, Erylicious, Exonn, Fantomasas, GintarisLTU, Grobuonis, HavanaNight, Imantas404, INeedMoreTime, Kamiccolo, KickTheBUCKET, loreza, marasmaras, matukazzz, Monstras77, NePomidoras, OldSchoolAce, orto21, pazhystama, PilypasLT, renapau, RoastedDuck, RoastedPotato, sawazz007, SeletonXC, Solesita, spaudikas, susivienijimas, TasKitas, Temide, TevukoDalgis, vakariene, vejopuciodukra, vilpalu, wytas, zirniukasLT.

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