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Click on the picture above to watch my video about how the Diabetes Online Community and social media has helped me. The video has been made for the new BERTIE online diabetes education programme which is being relaunched in ...
How to remove a Freestyle Libre sensor
Diabetes Week - Pumps, pens, pricks and sensors
It was a few months ago, in March, that my weight was at the forefront of my mind. When I should have been buzzing about visiting Budapest for the first time, or researching my favourite topic (diabetes of course) for my diss...
"I thought about my own knowledge when it comes to sex and diabetes and realised that this page seemed to be missing from the book. You know that giant dusty diabetes book that most of us edit and adapt in our own unique way...
A big thanks to Dan for writing this guest post! You can check out Dan's social media platforms at the end of this blog. How many times have you been asked the question: "But you're a diabetic, can you eat that?" If you're...
Tiday is the launch of the Free #LibreLink  app for UK Andriod users
Exciting diabetes techy stuff on the blog today! Abbott's LibreLink app has been launched in the UK for android users who wear the FreeStyle Libre glucose sensors, with an aim of making diabetes management even more simp...
It's Diabetes Week and this year's theme is 'Setting the Record Straight'. This means patients, carers, professionals and charities are taking to the streets (and the online streets) to dispell myths around diabetes. Join the...
A few weeks ago the lovely people at Carbs and Cals contacted me to see if I wanted to provide feedback on their new books; Carb and Calorie Counter, Smoothies and Salads. Of course I said yes straight away, these would be th...
Dear 16 year old me, One day everything will change for you. You may not feel it now, or for a very long time in fact, but one day everything will start to get better. I promise you that. You’ve just been diagnosed w...
I'm a student nurse with Type 1 Diabetes, retinopathy and gastroparesis. Blogging, tweeting and youtubing about life with my ills. Don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom!
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