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Laura Monroe
Brand Strategist & Industry Engager. Speaker. Social Media. Blue jeans. Football. Real Estate :)
Brand Strategist & Industry Engager. Speaker. Social Media. Blue jeans. Football. Real Estate :)

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Webinar: Secret KW Mega Agent Strategies from Rachel Adams
Thursday, March 23 @ 1PM EST

Learn how to create high-converting email marketing campaigns in our webinar.
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The data side of RealSatisfied you didn’t know existed! Survey tools and visual testimonials are only half of what this software can do for a brokerage

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Inman Connect Take-Aways: It’s Not About Having the MOST Agents – it’s About Having the BEST

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Reinventing the Real Estate Broker Sales Meeting with a Customer Centric Twist

Building customer satisfaction into your culture is a great way to start 2016! Reinvent your office meetings with some fresh strategies to inspire more referrals, growth, return clients and an awesome brand reputation. Here are some tips:

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By marrying your ratings and recommendations from your real estate clients with your own brand story - you create a level of trust and authenticity with that context - revealing what is unique about you. 

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"Whilst many of us see the future of our industry in technology leadership, if we don't do the basics right we will not earn the right to a future,” said Grant Harrod, CEO of LJ Hooker.

“Asking our customers for feedback, which we launched for our LJ Hooker network this month, is not a revolutionary concept. The challenge for everyone is having the courage to listen and change.”

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I’ve known Eddie from Century21 Redwood Realty for a couple years. He is enormously engaged with his agents -- when you hear “universal approval” you know you have something happening with agent performance - and his brokerage's performance is that special. 

Thank you +Edward Berenbaum :) 

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A ‘Real’ Twist on the Agent Review Process 

Though the basic tenets of RealSatisfied bear resemblance to other customer review systems, it distinguishes itself from the competition through the sheer depth of its survey. While Zillow, for instance, only allows clients to rate an agent’s local knowledge, process expertise, responsiveness and negotiation skills, RealSatisfied’s survey samples clients on such matters as:

The factors that influenced their selection of agent (commission, local knowledge, etc.)

The agent’s performance on negotiating, attention to detail and other technical processes

The agent’s characteristics, from politeness and understanding to trustworthiness and accessibility

Whether or not they would recommend the agent to others Their overall testimonial about the agent -

See more at:

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I could not be more thrilled to announce my move from Inman News to the position as the Director of Marketing for +RealSatisfied.

I've watched RS and the team do so many amazing things with the people, and companies of this industry at every level. My time at Inman has been a life changer - and I am excited to take my passion to working directly with agents and brokers and industry leaders to the next level. :) Thank you +Jeff Turner +Phil Kells and David King. 
“We could not be more excited about Laura’s decision to join us here at RealSatisfied,” says Phil Kells, CEO and Co-Founder of RealSatisfied. “We have had numerous opportunities to work with Laura in her role at Inman, and have appreciated how she has conducted herself in writing, on webinars and from the stage. We value her industry expertise, her considerable marketing experience and the unique and refreshing perspective she will bring to our leadership team.” +Laura Monroe  will be focused on building and developing RealSatisfied’s brand strategy and strategic partnerships through marketing, communications, education, and engagement online and off. Full press release here:

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Sometimes your brain goes where it wants to go. These are all real places. Narrated by Carl of my favorites.
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