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Getting all these off your computer will be a Nightmare!
Waste of computer resources if you ask me. Ugh.
Makes me cringe. I loathe those browser bar add-ons with every fibre of my being.
Greg S
I didn't need to look any lower than the window title bar to know the answer was "IE?  Horror."
Question what would use more cpu this or 4 Chrome tabs open?  :-)  
OMG That's crazy talk!
You guys laugh. I've had to clean this up before. I recognize most of those toolbars because their cursed names are forever etched, searing, into my brain.

Definitely #horror .
Can you imagine how slow that system would be..
E Walk
Eek. Nightmare!
format C:/ .....?
Alen M
IE?! we are in dooom!!!!
Jimmy B
How did you get a screenshot from my Dad's PC?
This also happens to people when they answer yes to everyone around them. Just say no people, and for God's sake, un-check a few of those boxes before you complete that install!
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