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I deactivated my Facebook account today, because the more I understand of their 'real name' policy, the more objectionable it is.

Entertainingly, I had to verify my password and confirm just to basically put my account on hold. I can log back in at any time, or so Facebook assures me.

But if I want to suspend someone else's account, preventing them from being able to log in without jumping through ridiculous hoops, all I have to do is pick someone with an unusual name. Even if it's their actual legal name.

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OK, this is pretty cool.  Plus, so many frequent flyer miles!

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Congrats to Dick Danielson, who embodies all the best in a hearing conservationist: knowledge, skill at communicating, and a passion for helping others to keep their hearing better for longer.
Richard Danielson, Ph.D. to receive NHCA Outstanding Hearing Conservationist Award @NHCAorg

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Add this to the long line of unnecessary tech I would fund if I had infinite resources.  Or even slightly less finite resources....

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For all the students....

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Oh, Kickstarter, why must you be so teeming with the awesome?  Why do I not have millions to blow on awesome things I don't really need but OMG drool?!  Why am I forced to frugally restrain myself from funding the fantastic photo-reactive fabric dye (for printing on clothes using photo negatives and sunlight)?  I would just be happier in ignorance.

I went a bit crazy recently.  And that's why I will be getting a smart-TV upgrader (Equiso).  And an L8, which, I know, is kinda 1337 for "elate", but just looks like "late" to me.  And a really, really cool amplifier based on shell configurations which I will be taking to NHCA's auction, because I don't even HAVE an iPhone.

I'll probably bring the L8 with me to conference.  I will try very hard not to be completely distracting with it.  Or I will wear it like a 64 LED blinky pin.  One of those options.  For those of you who work with aural rehab or deaf patients, this is definitely worth checking out, and you can still get in on it...and if enough people support it, it gets a sound sensor!

Man, I wish I had a phone compatible with the tricorder-esque sensor array.  

And in the time it took me to write that sentence...I had a new e-mail.

Crikey! My e-mail has gone full-on Hydra!

Man, I hate Peachtree. With the sort of passion I typically reserve for deliberately cryptic tax forms. It's a huge burdensome overkill for anyone who contracts independently, but in the absence of any real alternatives (barring chucking my profits steadily into Quickbooks), it seems to be what I'm stuck with. So I grapple with this unwieldy, ridiculously convoluted program, just so I can track billing and print a few invoices.

What's it doing this week? Oh, only refusing to export to PDF, or even offer the option, even though I've done this before.

Wrapped my class, everyone passed, everything's accounted for, lots of repeat faces (which means I must not have been awful last time), good-natured group which is always much better than the alternative, heard about some awesome new projects I'd love to get involved with, and I even came home to find a lovely recommendation on LinkedIn.

Life is looking good for ol' Liz Lemon.
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