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This issue is coming close to my home. It may be coming close to your home, school, or park. PLEASE read and share. 
How will the economic, citizen rights, environmental, and health issues related to fracking affect you?
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+Laura Grace Weldon one thing that is not mentioned is the extraordinary demand for fresh clean water coming from the aquifers. They are being depleted at a very high rate and that is not part of the discussion. Have you heard anyone talking about that?
Here is one article:
I did mention how much water is used and how much it takes out of planetary supply. It's huge. Right now our midwest area is dealing with extreme drought conditions. Our farm pond is frighteningly low, our pastures are brown, yet nearby fracking operations take millions of gallons of water from ponds and lakes without censure. 
I missed your posting on the water usage but have not seen it in the general discussion. It is something that people in the cities can understand somewhat from having water supplies disrupted for various reasons.
So surface water is being diverted from human and agricultural use. That is what I wondered.
Yes, I am watching the drought reports. The picture is dire and my thought embraces the thirsty Midwest be it land, animal, plants or people. Bless your hearts.
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