Well, I was offline today and will be tomorrow it seems: I've gone and gotten a rip in my retina that the eye doctor says I have to get fixed pronto before it gets worse (retina not detached yet, but it wants to be...). By the time we got that figured out, it was too late to get in at the hospital today with a retinal specialist who can work with someone like me (I am sooooo nearsighted)... but I've got an appt. tomorrow with a retinal surgery guy who looks fabulous. It will be good to meet him for this basic intervention in case, heaven forbid, I need something more dramatic in the future. So, I'm not exactly stressed because I knew this was bound to happen sooner or later (ever since I was a little kid, the eye doctors have told me the warning signs of retinal tears because it is so common with extreme nearsighetdness)... but at the same time: blech! Not what I expected/wanted when I got out of bed on this fine summer morning. And the sacred spreadsheet will not be happy, ha ha. I'll have to get a note from my doctor to excuse my absence!!! Anyway, fingers crossed - I'm guessing that they will zap me with a laser or freeze with me a freezer thing and all will be well. I should have an update tomorrow evening!
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