I think I will have a much more sane summer (more sane than the school year anyway), because instead of starting my day reading depressing ed tech news in Feedly, I will be starting my day by proofreading stories in the long long long list of stories I am preparing for my new Myth-Folklore website. This morning I am reading through some stories from the unit on Native American legends from California and the Southwest. Coyotes!

The way this process works is that I have a blog with content in all stages of development, and I am adding new posts every day. Each post has labels which identify what stage it is at in the editing process. For example, a story post starts out as being labeled nopix (no picture), needproof (needs proofreading) and nonotes (no notes yet). I also use content-based labels in addition to editing labels. So, for example, the stories in a given unit are labeled for that unit, e.g.

So, this morning with my coffee I am just reading through stories to proofread, and maybe adding a picture if I am inspired. The proofreading is just correcting formatting errors and inconsistencies from the sources I used; sometimes there are lingering OCR errors, but by and large I am using sources that are not raw OCR but are instead already digitized and proofed. Also, I often break up longer paragraphs into shorter ones; these are materials from old print books and, in general, shorter paragraphs work better online than long ones. In particular, I am making sure to add in line breaks for dialogue wherever there is a change in speaker. I also add some links to an online dictionary or to Wikipedia for especially obscure words.

Altogether, it is a complete pleasure....
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